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STATE OF THE FOX - September 26, 2021

Liminal Chronicles News

Editing for Guardian is in full swing! YAY!  
To keep myself on track, I purchased an inexpensive timer. (The exact one I have isn't available - but the link goes to one just like it.) It helps tremendously for sprints. The option to make it silent and just blink at me is awesome. No jolting sounds. I can peacefully finish my thought and turn off the alarm. (Yes, I could use Pomotroid on my computer, but with one monitor that space is a premium.)  

Beta Readers!

I have two more spots open. So if you’re interested in reading Guardian early and giving feedback, consider signing up. I expect to send the book out to betas later this fall.
Call for Beta Readers for Liminal Chronicles Book 2! {Closed}
Generic article | Jun 12, 2023

Would you like a first look at book 2? Check out how to sign up!



Leo Soderman (many of you know him as Kahuna the Elder) will create the Rise audiobook. After I heard his sample, I knew he was the voice talent for the project. If you’d like to hear the sample, we have it! He and I are working on the pronunciation of the names and Japanese words so after that he can get right down to recording the book. I can’t wait!



My favorite season has arrived! Hints of fall color are popping up here and there and I’m doing my best to get out each day for a walk and appreciate the cooler temperatures. I hope you too can enjoy the changing seasons wherever you are in the world.


Upcoming Plans

I'm working on a set of author tools for supporters and to put in the shop. First up is a word tracker (pdf and automated spreadsheet to tally by day). After that, I'll be sharing a fill in the blank press kit. (Can I have more hours in the day? I want to do both editing and these projects!)   I'll be sharing more details on these new tools soon!   How are your projects coming along? Any milestones to share? Need any encouragement?

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