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History of Verra'Talu

The combined history of all 3 nations of Verra'Talu

Shaping of the World

... 0 BP

It was during this Era that Verra'Talu was made and created.

  • -1000 BP

    -125 BP

    Creation of the World

    Some call this place a prison, others a tomb, all that is known deep down in the core of this planet a creature was buried a creature of immense power.

The Faultless First

0 BP 179 AP

  • 1 AP

    The Chosen Faultless

    They were chosen. Seven races for the seven gods and goddesses of Verra'Talu. Each race were placed in the hand of their god and slept. When they woke this new world became their new home.

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  • 47 AP


    Kingdom of Estua Started
    Gathering / Conference

    The 7 Chosen Races met at the southern most point of Verra'Talu. Here they decided to start their own kingdom away from the Midfielders.

  • 179 AP

    Death of the Last Faultless first
    Life, Death

    She was the last to serve on the throne from the Faultless first, now she is lead beyond the Shimmer by the god of death.

The Gorging Bounty

180 AP 379 AP

  • 180 AP

    380 AP

    The land of Bounty
    Cultural event

    Gorge yourself on wheat, wine, and water. For nothing and no one will ever go hungry again... this is the land of the Veiled Farm realized before your eyes.

  • 217 AP

    231 AP

    The First War
    Military action

    For those who have plenty, they need not fear. For those who have little, they must struggle, when these two ideas collide the result is often blood. The first war of Veraa'Talu was started by Paha.

  • 231 AP

    281 AP

    Discovery of the Beastmen
    Discovery, Scientific

    More animal than man. Their teeth filed to black fangs, their eyes piercing like the serpents and their sting coated with villainous poision.. creatures more than man...undiscovered creatures.

The Seven Plauges

380 AP 905 AP

  • 380 AP

    455 AP

    The Plague of Famine
    Disaster / Destruction

    No one knew the crops would dry up, the rivers would drink themselves empty... The belly being so used to the gorging bounty now found itself empty...Hunger gripped the world

  • 455 AP

    530 AP

    The Plague of Heat

    It was during the heat that the land became dry, the grass was brittle and crunchy. trees turned to sand and dead roots sprang up all around Verra'Talu...the heat was unbearable... the heat was extreme

  • 530 AP

    605 AP

    The Plague of Magi

    So exhausted were the mages of Verra'Talu, their bodies and minds so spent that the next plague to hit was one that racked the mages the most. No more spells, no more rituals, now we are man and man must endure on their own.

  • 605 AP

    680 AP

    The Deserters Plague

    Not here, not anymore. Beyond the Shimmer our destiny lies beyond the great beyond we will find our god. We will carry them back here, kicking and screaming if needed but we will find a way.

  • 680 AP

    755 AP

    The Plague of Thought
    Scientific achievement

    Imagine...wait we cant. Consider an era where nothing was invented, no advancements of technology no new spells. This wasn't a violent plague this was a rather uneventful one.

  • 755 AP

    830 AP

    The Plague of Prayer
    Religious event

    Solaine, why have you abandoned us? Bhaal why do you wish us to die? Rena, have you no mercy? The people of Verra'Talu desperate to find answers turn to prayer, for deliverance.

  • 830 AP

    905 AP

    The Plauge of Answers

    The goddess unaware of the situation on Verra'Talu finally sent an answer to the prayers of her followers. These times are but a test, preparation for the great darkness that is to come. You are the shield against this dark, together we will win.

The Shattering Moon

905 AP 974 AP

  • 926 AP

    The Calamity
    Disaster / Destruction

    From the earth, he springs, death his chariot and the void his speech. Negus Prime, the first negative sails the cosmos to join his master Tenebris.

  • 937 AP

    953 AP

    Time of the Sky cities
    Diplomatic action

    They floated, pulled by the destruction of the Calamity or of some other unseen force

The Noble Age

975 AP and beyond

  • 975 AP

    The Noble Age
    Political event

    Rejoice you are spared, the land heals and the planet is safe.

  • 1064 AP

    1077 AP

    The Iceland Conquest
    Military action

    Too long has that cold island loomed to our northern border. Now we will warm that island with the heated blood of our warriors

  • 1110 AP

    Thunderstones Discovered
    Discovery, Scientific

    With a boom and a crack, a stone no bigger than a Firbolgs fist threatened to change the world

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  • 1225 AP

    1231 AP

    Thunderstone Wars
    Military action

    The clashed over a rock, to any other nation it would seem abured but to Midfield this rock was something special.

  • 1273 AP

    Current Year
    Era beginning/end

    The Current Year of Verra'Talu