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The World

Verra'Talu is a planet with a single shattered moon known as Luna. Verra'Talus inhabitants are a mixed breed of humanoids and beast walkers who have agreed to cohabitate on this floating rock. The sky dances with lights that shield and protects Verra'Talu from outside invaders, stopping any and all Planar Magic from taking hold. These lights are known as The Shimmer and can be seen all around. There are 3 main kingdoms of Verra'Talu Estua, The land of the Faultless Kings. Midfield, the bountiful farms, and Paha the realm of Beastwalkers   There are places even the strongest of the Chosen Races would not venture into. To the north is a site known as the Calamity, three centuries ago a great beast broke forth from the earth and attacked Luna, shattering the moon. Then escaping into the cosmic darkness. The site where the creature came from is now a twisted wreck of iron and earth shrouded by an ever-present storm referred to as "The Storm Wall" What lies within that land of constant storms and lightning?

The Setting

1273 Years ago the God of Death let out a scream that permeated the fabric of the Multi-Verse. This scream is known as the Pulse and shocked all living creatures into action. Some of those creatures turned to their gods, others to man, and some turned on each other. Buried deep in the earth and soil of Verra'Talu lied a beast of immense power that would feed from this hatred to grow stronger. When the beasts time came, and he was strong enough, he sprung forth from the soil launching itself toward Luna and shattering the moon.   Now a group of adventurers wash up on a distant shore, claiming to be from the shattered moon in the sky, transported here by Keyna a legendary Wayfinder of Verra'Talu. You are travellers, people who have gone beyond the Shimmer and returned. Now you must find your way back to Luna. You must find a way past the Simmer and find a way to defeat the beast that shattered your home.

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