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Know not what the enemy can do to you, but what you can do to the enemy.


Experts of Examination

Loremasters excel at study into the natural world and order. Often this study involves sending their kind far and wide in search of arcane truths or unnatural creations. With this purpose Loremasters across the land travel with thick and heavily bound tomes filled to the brim with parchment sketches and half-eaten rations. Upon any one of these parchments will be a decree to be given to a local lord or the King Apparent. This decree orders the surrender of any recently killed monster to the loremaster for dissection and examination. With blood-soaked hands and sharp instruments, these examinations are performed under the watchful eye of a bookkeeper. Every movement of the loremaster in painstakingly sketched to ensure almost perfect precision. These results of the bloody business are collated into a book known as the Great Beastiry that will be handed to the Faultless King. It is this search for the natural order that helps keep the citizens of Estua safe and the Faultless king ever updated on the comings and goings of the local monster population.


Dehumanising Dedication

To become a loremaster in Estua a strange tradition has become established. Loremasters often forsake the regular clothing and fashions of popular design and instead go for a more animalistic approach. Choosing instead to wear horns of deers or wings of a griffon. While stunning and alien looking the trophies serve little more than artistic value. The one benefit is that the loremaster will often draw inspiration from the creatures it has documented so people can usually see the types of creatures they have encountered at a short glance. It is a mix of their profession and this irregular dress that makes loremasters stand out amongst the town population as a unique caste.


Local Legends

As historians and naturalists of the world an abundance of legends have sprung up around Loremasters. Some common folk around Verra'Talu believe the loremasters summon the monsters themselves for study. Their presence in town signals an upcoming monster attack. Other legends tell of loremasters single-handedly staving off a goblin siege by using nothing more than strategy and intimate knowledge that could only be garnered through living with the goblins. No matter how outspoken these legends become the loremasters find them rather amusing and for the most part help their perception. For a few stories of legend can only help to boost the popularity of the loremasters.

Intelligence Gathering

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