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Deaths embrace is nothing to fear.

The God of Death

"You are doomed to die. What you touch will rot into the ground, the air you breath will slowly choke this world, the sky will be unreachable to you and when your time comes. I will lead you past the shimmer to my sisters great home. I do not wish to see you die. I do not wish to see you suffer. You must and you shall, because of me"
— Bhaals apology to mankind.

Duty of Death

Bhaal is known throughout the realm as the god of death and decay. Traditionally depicted as carrying a lantern in his right hand and a sword to his side. a large brimmed hat and overlapping belts going down his body. Inside the lantern lies a skull it's crown ablaze and its mouth agape looking ever forward. Around the lantern hangs six long chains, one for each race, used to chain the departed to the lantern so they are not lead astray as they venture beyond the shimmer. The lantern is called Ukufa and speaks only to Bhaal and those close to death. It is with this lantern Bhaal uses to shepherd his creations too and from the grave, bringing them past the Shimmer to live in the great beyond. This is his solemn duty that he has taken upon himself to do as repentance for his own creations. He is the younger brother of the goddess Rena and Solaine.


Crafted from a Gods Hand

It was Bhaal who created the race of mankind, forged out of clay and wet mud Bhaal shapped the unique features of the elves, the pointy ears and proud elongated brow. The grubbiness and earthen like gnomes and the feathers of the Aaracockra were all shaped by the caring and detailed eye of Bhaal. Into this clay he also poured weakness, giving mankin something to strive against. But clay is brittle and mud easily flakes, clay lacks the quality of stone. This fatal flaw instilled a sense of mortality into the race of mankind as they knew eventually they would shatter and return into the earth.


The punished god

Bhaal was scolded for his lonely thoughts. Bhaal was shunned for the time he spent planning. Bhaal was punished for his creation of man. During a journey along the Underdark. Past the Shimmer and Luna, deep in the darkness of the cosmic void beyond; Bhaal encountered an injured and wounded eidolon. Unknown to Bhaal this eidolon was created by the only enemy equal to the power of Solaine, Tenebris, The Darkness. Bhaal went to attend to the creature and as it died it instilled Bhaal with the power to create living creatures. Bhaal felt the power surge through his arms and ran to isolate himself. First, he created the elves, a perfect creature made of the finest clay he could find. Next aarakocra were shaped with a simple feather. He then turned his attention to Man and one by one the other races came into being. It was this unchecked creation that forced Solaines hand, under duress, Solaine punished her only brother. Causing him to feel the pain of every mortal man's death for all time.   Bhaal let out a scream that shook the very stars, this time is now known as the Pulse. So strong was the scream and the pulse that the gods could do nothing but restrain Bhaal. As he lay in his sister's arms screaming begging for forgiveness Solaine decided it was time she moved on from this universe, taking Bhaal beyond the shimmer with her Sister Rena and the other gods.

Divine Domains

Death, Decay, Rot

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Bhaals symbol is a bronzed, rusty lantern of which six chains are attached along the cage of the lantern. Instead of a traditional flame inside the lantern is a skull, normally blue in colour with its crown ablaze and eyes looking ever forward. This lantern is known as Ukufa and is said to speak to the departed or those close to the end. The symbol of death is often associated with being guided to the great beyond past The Shimmer

by Shadowknightneo



Brother (Important)

Towards Solaine




Sister (Vital)

Towards Bhaal




Solaine created Bhaal pulling him from the ground as she wept a single tear that filled the oceans. This tear-shaped Bhaals body and filled his heart with salt. Bhaal was also infused with the Divine Power of creation due to Solaines tear.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Circumstances of Birth
The Goddess of Creation wept a tear into the ground and Bhaal sprung forth
Circumstances of Death
He felt the pain of every mortal death, causing him to roar with pain.
Deeply recessed and dark, no discernible colour except a longing blackness.
Long and straight Raven black hair with patchworks of scalp exposed.
Skin Tone
Pale, brittle and broken, cold to the touch.

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