Volinized Metals

Written by Voxol Tetra

Volinized Metals refer to a subtype of metals that have undergone volinization, a process in which the naturally-occuring ores within the land are embued with continuous exposure to extremely powerful magic. In particular, most metals are believed to have been affected due to the magic of souls of the Ancients' that rose the lands of Vernelis following the First End.

Symbol of Wealth

In most cases, the metals take on a purplish hue with varying degrees of saturation depending on the concentration of magic; the term volinization is even derived from the Felz-lich word for Purple. In many nations, there are standard degrees of the effect, ranging from Minimally to Absolutely Volinized. Each classification is compared to a control group of that metal in an unvolinized state, and they are determined by the results of testing a unique property of these metals.

Being embued with such high amounts of magic, any additionally introduced magical energy is reflected at a significantly greater "concentration" or strength, as the metal will disperse a relatively small amount of its own magic into the introduced magic. Analysts can perform tests on metals of unknown volinization, and use the multiplier at which magical energy is reflected to determine what rank the metal falls into.

  • First detectable difference to 1.5x = Minimally Volinized
  • 1.5x to 2x = Moderately Volinized
  • 2x to 4x = Highly Volinized
  • 4x and above = Absolutely Volinized


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