The World, Vernelis

Written by Noctivox

The Ancient World and the Risen World are two eras of divine prosperity separated by a time of damnation, suffering and global destruction... I don't think we will ever see something so catastrophic again in our lifetimes.
— Historian

  Vernelis is a fantasy world dominated by Dragons, Fælen and Magic.

It's the fourth closest of ten planets orbiting the two stars Kera and Talgera, and it has a single blue moon that orbits approximately 300,000 kilometers from its surface. It is approximately 6.4 billion years old.

The Worlds of Vernelis

Though Vernelis itself is a single planet, its face has changed several times throughout its long history. Historians refer to the significant changes in Vernelis's surface as different "Worlds". These Worlds can loosely coincide with eras of the planet's history.

As of the 7th of Nereivur, 1883 TC, there have been two Worlds.

The Ancient World
Also called the Old World, the Ancient World refers to the time before the Dark Era, and it was chronologically the first World of Vernelis's history. During this time, the lands inhabited by life were surface-bound and obeyed typical tectonic physics.

The Old World was mostly defined by the dominance of the Ancient Dragons- some of the most powerful beings to roam the planet- and the delicate balance of magic upheld by the Roaring Trinity.

Much of the Old World's history before ~1,850,000 BDE is not well-known, as it was around this time that written language was first developed. Civilizations appeared relatively late during the Time of The Ancients, but they rapidly developed under the protection of their Guardians. Their structure grew more complex, peaking with kingdoms under Drælish rule.

The Old World fell with the Death of Vernelis.

Continents of the Old World changed several times throughout its history, but recorded Fælen and Human history occured at the end of the Ancient World, when there were only three known continents and approximately 400 inhabited regions.
The Risen World
The Risen World is aptly named after the event at the end of the Dark Era in which the Souls of the extinct Ancient Dragons lifted lands of the world into the sky, aided by Saturn, the new God of Time and Order.

Eight large continents were lifted above the planet's surface, and thick golden clouds filled the air between them, acting as an ocean. Below, The Blackness formed in the clouds' shadows, and there is very little known about the world that was left behind.

It is known that eternal storms rage in the darkness, but none have visited the Blackness and survived, so there are very few records beyond the clouds. Some believe that the remains of an old mythical being are trapped in the tumultuous oceans of the Blackness after their battle with Saturn during the Dark Era.

The Risen World has seen the most advanced and rapid development of civilization in the planet's history, with several countries, empires and cities coming to fruition with the advanced use of Soul and Dragonmind Magic.

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