The Blackness

In everyday life of the modern day, it is easy to forget that Vernelis is two different worlds. One alive, and one dead. One above, and one below. The latter is forever shrouded, buried tens of thousands of meters in the depths of Ve Neþ.   "The Great Below", "The Deep Sky", "The Void", "Hell", "Ve Neþ". All names, and more, given to the great expanse of darkness upon which the world of Vernelis now comfortably sits. It cushions the new world above itself, separating them with violent, eternal storms.  


The only notable geography as one passes below the clouds will be, if within eyesight, the underside of the floating continents. Their mass may hang for several tens or hundreds of meters, depending on their size. Like icebergs, their bottoms are typically much more vast than their surfaces.  


None know of what is truly in the depths of Ve Neþ; those who fall below the golden clouds never return, forever lost to the darkness of the sea below, or fed to the creatures lurking near the surface. No reports have ever been recovered from the depths, any written documentation would simply sink thousands of meters through the void to be consumed by the ocean.

There have been numerous stories surrounding the old world, though. Some believe that there are still Ancient Dragons alive down in the oceans left behind, as only major land-masses were lifted from the world's surface during the First End. The oceans were left to fill the gaps, though their condition is, of course, unknown. Others believe that there are still land-masses intact on the surface, and that its possible that life could still be thriving somehow in the darkness.

Curiosities led to some questioning the Celestials of what was truly left behind. These questions were met with a rather vague answer:
The World Below still exists, but even I have never seen it.
— Jupiter


Unsurprisingly, tourism is relatively unpopular in Ve Neþ.
Alternate Names
The Void
The Great Below
The Down Fell
The Old World
The World Below
The Great Nothing
The Depths
The Sky Below
The Black Sky
The Hungry Sky
The Darkness

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11 Jun, 2021 09:42

This article and concept joins the greatness of blending floating cities and land with the devastation an apocalypse below them. Love this concept.

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