East Verrezian Trading Company (vehr-EZZ-ian)

Written by Noctivox

A significant amount of luxuries enjoyed in the East are in no small part thanks to the vast trading network of the East Verrezian Trading Company. With the great advancements in Cloudwalkers, trips to the Western Lands became more accessible, and thus, trade allowed for a greater bond between the continents. From this, the Celestials' influence blossomed in the West.

The first outpost was set up by Kovurans on an island just off the East coast of Verrez, from which quality masonry was traded by Kovura for fabrics and metals. Over the years, trade developed between more Western countries and Verrez, which in turn began to regulate cross-ocean trade along with Kovura.

From this trade opened a door for the Celestial Empire's expansion, and it allowed its influence to take hold of Verrez, making it one of the first Western countries to swear loyalty to it.

In the modern day, the vast majority of trade between the East and Western Lands consists of herbs, fruits, fabrics, dyes and volinized metals. In particular, Purple Gold is highly valued in the Celestial Empire for minting its currency, and elderberries native to Dreska are exported to many countries wishing to emulate Dreskan Wine.

The Company's huge presence in over-seas trade, though, has made it an especially tempting target for pirates, who grew in prominency alongside the development of trade routes. Guarding tradeships is especially expensive cross-seas, so armed soldiers are typically only hired for guard for transports of exceptionally high value, such as Purple Gold or spices.


1584 KA

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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