The World of Vayl

What is Vayl?

The world of Vayl is the homebrew fantasy campaign setting for a number of shows on the Nerdsmith network, including Countless Heroes, Shenanigoons, and Threads in the Vayl.  


A D&D actual play podcast starring five adventurers across the sea in an industrial city called Ashport. They are Proctors, aka adventurers on the payroll of the Birchfield Institute, tasked with collecting dangerous magical artefacts.  

Countless Heroes

A West Marches Style D&D campaign set in the world of Vayl. Sixteen players make up our party of heroes, and five nights a week, our DM leads a handful of us through adventure and peril in the city of Cinderhaven. Much of the information in this site comes from Countless Heroes sessions.  

Threads in the Vayl

A scripted audiodrama series with full voice cast, music and sound effects, following a pair of Proctor detectives as they follow the trail of a series of stolen magical artifacts.