Väruld's Unique Selling point

What makes this world special to me is the complete difference in how to measure time. We are so used to having years, months, and weeks, but what if we remove all that? What if our age is not something that is measured at all, but turns completely individual? What if the way we look upon a timeline always start with now?   Why is that so? Because it takes about three hundred Earth years for Fyrst and the other two planets to orbit their sun. Which makes it in human nature to always think about the generations to come, when there will be winter. So, they think more ahead than dwell in the past.   Then, of course, Fyrst has no moon, so the nights are dark and there is no tide.



It is a low-magic fantasy world.

Reader Experience

I want readers/players to think what life could be like without age. I want them to remove things they take for granted, like moonlight, and consider what it would be like.   Then I naturally offer a world of adventure and conflict. It is not a world full of monsters and dungeons, but a world where people will offer the greatest challange.

Reader Tone

The tone is dark to somewhere in the middle. It is definitely not cute galore and pink fluffy clouds.

Recurring Themes

One recurring theme is human psyke and solve conflicts by talking instead of fighting.