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Reading Challenge for Summercamp 2023!

Now that Summercamp is over... it is time... to READ!

Now that Summercamp has ended, it is time to review progress, make plans for the future, and most importantly read some of the amazing articles that others created!


I ended up reaching my goal of 32 prompts, achieving diamond in the proccess. This was a somewhat difficult feat, mostly because this is the first year I attempted Summercamp and Artifght (an art trading competition) at the same time. I also had a four-day vacation right after the silver prompts released, so that didn't exactly help a ton with finding time to write.
All that aside, I had a lot of fun this year! I definetly think I've improved since the last Summercamp, and I'm happy I was able to meet my goal to get diamond for the second time in a row. The prompts were also very fun, and even though I strayed from the guidlines I had set for myself I still am very proud of most of my entries.   Anyways, now that the review is done, time for the actual reading part!  

The Reading Challenge

Prompt #1: A destructive natural or supernatural event

This prompt was from the copper prompts, which all had the unanimous theme of power (minus wild cards of course).
In my opinion, it can be very fun to mess your world up. Whether it is a war, disaster, or some other devastating problem, it feels like playing in a worldbuilding sandbox. This was one of my favorite prompts to write, and I was really curious what everyone did!  

1) The Storm That Shifted Time by Mochimanoban

This is a really cool article about a terrifying event. The thought of a huge disturbance in time bringing planets, solar systems, and even entire galaxies from the past and future colliding with the present is horrifying, yet such a cool idea.
I really liked how much this disaster tied into everything in the Yonderverse, and it felt so connected to the rest of the world.
This is an amazing article, so go check it out!

To the Storm That Shifted Time!


2) The Recurring Nightmare by Ademal

Just... wow.
This article is about a strange phenomena that plagues the city of Yak'koli.
Thousands of people, all reporting the same unsettling dream, appearing in the collapsed ruins of Yak'Koli and sometimes seeing a hazy entity in the distance while they wander the wreckage
This article has a great story, and there is a certain effect in the background that I can only begin to describe. As you scroll, the images behind the text changes to match what's going on. The art is magnificent, and the scrolling effect really caught me off guard.
It is an amazing article, so go give it some love!

To The Recurring Nightmare!


3)Eclipse Storm by Kummer Wolfe

A neat article about intense and powerful storms created by the various eclipses of Summerdark.
They appear in mountainous regions and ravage the lands for hours at a time, rain pouring down in torrents and wind howling across the landscape. When these vicious storms finally end, the rocky landscape below is transformed into a strange, ethereal landscape.   I liked how this article talked about the different interpretations of the storm, from people seeing it as divine intervention, an omen of disaster, opportunity, or a myriad of other things.
Overall, this is a really cool disaster! Go check it out!

Prompt #2: An animal found in a non-populated area

This is one of the silver prompts, aka the frontier wave! I'm not the greatest at writing species, so I decided to look into this prompt to see what I could learn!  

1) Shape of Nothing by Hanhula

This is an incredible article about strange and deadly underwater creatures that really can only be perceived by the absence of themselves or the absence of anything.
The whole article has a ominous feeling that is very effective in setting the tone, and it really made me start to feel a little bit uneasy as I read on about these fascinating creatures.
  I really liked how the article got darker as I scrolled down, as well as the art only popping up when you hover over it (that genuinely made me jump a little bit). The art was gorgeous as well, and I was amazed at how much detail it had.
  So yeah. This is an amazing article, and you should definitely check it out!

2) Potatoad by EmilyArmstrong

First off, that name. Potatoad. Absolutely amazing.
These little guys are toads that can resemble several varieties of potatoes. They reside in the burger plains, and can be found hopping around potato fields.
I really liked the idea for these creatures, and he art is also absolutely adorable. I love the color scheme that was used for the little potatoads with the russet browns and warm yellows.
  The article is very informative, yet still an incredibly fun read.
Go check it out!

3) Khaateer Screech Frog by Vazdimet

This article is about a species of tiny frogs with a very interesting and unique defense mechanism. When threatened by a predator, these lil guys let out a devastating scream, shrill enough to cause temporary deafness.
  I really liked this article, the information was clear and easy to understand. The larger font really helped me read a lot easier.
It is a very well done article, so go give it some love!

Prompt #3: A silent form of communication

This was one of my favorite prompts from the diamond wave! I really liked writing my entry, The Language of Bouquets, but I still feel like there is room for improvement, so why not learn by taking a look at some of the amazing articles submitted to this prompt?  

1) Voiceless Language by Barriesaxxy

This is a really impressive article about a sign language mostly used by the Voiceless community in Melzi. This language feels very connected to the rest of the world of Milon, and the author went so in-depth on the language. From a full transcription for the language, a video showing the sign in use, to an in-progress dictionary- there's just so much! It is a very cool language, so go give it a look!

2) Limani Merchant Code by Sh4d0wPh03n1x

This is a cool code used by the supplies merchants of Limani to communicate over text and maps without giving away any sensitive information.
The code works with seemingly innocuous words such as sunrise, wind, and socks secretly translating into things such as trading routes, various goods, or even secret warehouses. This makes sure the information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
I really liked the idea of this code, and it was executed very well.
It is a very cool code, so go check it out!

3) Mizarin Tree Talking by Kefkejaco

A very nice language mostly used by the Mizarin Nightlights, an intellegent species of tree.
This language mostly conisists of a flash-based language, with the flashes being produced by the globe-like 'seeds' of the tree.
This is a really cool idea, and I have always loved the idea of an intelligent tree species capable of communication with other species. This article and concept are very well done.
It is a very cool idea and article, so go give it a look!

Planning for the future

After reading these articles and learning so much from each of them, I think I have a few things I need to work on, a few new goals, and some random ideas for the next half year.
  Here they are in no particular order!

1) Separate Kathrir and Valyria more

These are the two main continents of this world, but a huge part of the plot is how they don't truly know the other exists. They are kept separate by the planet's rings, (which you can learn a little more about here) and the most recent connection was ~800 years ago.
If they have no real connection until I get the plot moving, I need to find some way to distinguish the articles for each one.

2) Make a world introduction article

A lot of the people who I look up to have written an introduction to their worlds, and I really want to make an introductory artice of my own. It might be tricky to explain some of the wierder bits of this world, but it is something I want to get around to doing eventually.  

3) Clean up and organize my summercamp articles

Even though I'm very proud of them, my artices created during Summercamp are kind of messy. I can tell you right now that there is an S bolded when it shoudn't be in The Language of Bouquets, and train misspelled as "Orain" in the Ruins log.
So yeah, that might take some fixing.

4) Maybe incorperate animation?

I'm a beginning animator, so why not add GIFs or other moving things to my articles? 
They will probably be reserved for the more polished articles, because animation takes a long time (either that or I'm really slow, which I would not be very suprised).  

5) Just write more!

I have been hesitant to write, mostly because I keep worriying "What if it turns out bad?" or "What if your narritive voice sucks?" or any other negative writing "What if". 
Ive been reminding myself that the more I write, the better I'll get. Even if I write one bad sentence, I'm still learning. 
I'm going to try to write at least an article a month from now until Worldember and NaNoWriMo to prove to myself that I'm improving every step of the way. 
      Well, if you made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope you have an amazing day, and may the writing be with you!
Camp Feral Badge by Strixxline
Dewy Diamonds Badge by Strixxline

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