Fishing Lake

The fish here is delicious! It makes me want to eat those cursed birds that are also preying on the large fish, so that we have less competition. Get me more slingers and archers! We need to train the civilians and take those birds down, so we can keep the fish for ourselves!
— Dame Stonemaker of the Wooden Shields

Located in the southwest of the valley, the fishing lake is one of two significant lakes in the valley, the other being the Basin Lake. The lake is relatively shallow and flat, making it easy to fish without damaging the environment. The old residents used to also construct boats here, though currently the exit of the lake is blocked by a collapsed bridge.
Southwestern part of the valley
Relevant areas/buildings
  • Fishing Village
  • Boatyard
The scholars observed from afar and correctly reported that the area seems relatively safe. The only real concern is terror flocks, so fishing boats come with protection from the sky. Old boats are being fixed and new boats are being made at the old boatyard. However, the lake is cut off from the rest of the valley due to a collapsed bridge blocking the lake exit. A solution will take time to research and implement.


Fishing Village
The village where the old residents would stay while catching and processing the fish. Some of the buildings only needed minimal effort to refurbish. Ancient rune protection circles were also found, which provides the residents with a feeling of safety.
Still suited for creating boats, though the boats can't exit the lake. Currently it is being used by craftsfolk to provide the residents with fishing boats. Several methods are being researched to get boats out of the lake, so that they can contribute on the various rivers.

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