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Valencia A Land of ever-evolving History

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Hello and welcome to Valencia! This is an ever-evolving world that serves as the setting for my Homebrew D&D Campaign. Please feel free to follow its developments and watch as it develops with the influence of my players.   The Player's Handbook below contains everything you would need to know for creating a character inside of Valencia. Anything that would be considered common knowledge for a resident of the world is listed here. Please read through it and refer back to it if you have any questions.   For other readers of the world, I appreciate you taking the time to explore what I have created of this world. It means a lot to me :). I would recommend starting with the gods of this world first and working your way in as you read, because that is how this world was crafted.     Thank you again for taking your time to experience my world and I look forward to all the stories told within it.            
Valencia World Map - v 1.2