Malmagen (MAL-mah-gehn)

1. Typically found only within the Sintaran lands or the disputed swamp to their southeast, the Malmagen orcs have easily integrated into the merit-praising Free Peoples, and often find work serving as soldiers or caravan guards. Those who live in the swamp are socially isolationist but often trade goods with their neighbours at the borders. They tend to be suspicious of their Tanndalen kin, believing the latter value cooperation too much without enough emphasis on the individual.   2. Malmagen are also tall, but on average, they are slightly shorter than their Tanndalen counterparts. (171cm - 185.4cm)   3. The Malmagen live for around five hundred years, reaching the age of majority at the age of 75. Malmagen are hardy, and frequently excel as adventurers, living their full span of years.   4. Malmagen CRNC: 5 Strength, 5 Expertise   5. RPR Stats: 1 Wisdom, 2 Strength


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