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Tari-Jharu River

"Suan walks through the bushes keeping her head down watching the night and listening attentively to any noise. She measures her steps calculatedly. She holds her purse close to her chest, squeezing it as if she has the power to slip through her fingers. There is no time to lose. Munah is already in position, Patir approaches the spot. Hidden among the low vegetation it approaches the river and lowers itself close to the waters. She waits a bit and as she doesn't hear any noise she calms down. She looks up at the sky and starts to arrange all the items in order. As soon as everything is ready she closes her eyes and begins her prayers."

This is how many stories of young people who seek blessing for their relationship begin.


The Miracle of the River

This river cannot be located on maps, and even those who may have seen it would not know where to find it. Histories have been heard of him north of the mountains to the south of the seas, but his place is inaccessible to many. Many say they have seen this river, but never say where it is, if they even know.

Tari-Jharu River is the fruit of many legends among lovers who want to immortalize their love and bounty hunters who want more profit and fame for themselves. The river is said to be inside a cave, Princess Tari rests at the bottom of that river and Jharu is at the entrance protecting her.

In this cave are all the items that young people sent along with their prayers, as well as the rare jewel that Tari's mother left for her. The golden dagger that Jharu went to get is also with him. And that attracts all kinds of evil people. Those who intend to make their offerings must also be careful.


The Prayers of the Faithful

Those who were blessed to see him used this path to flee cruel fates and escape together, or to bless a relationship that cannot come to fruition. The river receives prayers to protect relationships, and since all the waters are connected, they carry the offerings to Tari-Jharu.

The ritual must be followed and the prayer for the spirits must be done in faith. As soon as the moons align the items are sent to the bottom of the river and if your request and heart's desire are honored and pure, your relationship will have eternal bliss.


The Ritual

  • A lock of hair cut in Patir.
  • You like blood on a brocade cloth.
  • Blade that reflects Munah's light.
  • Tears of sincere pain.
  • Gift of gold jewelry.
  • Candle in one of Aman's colors.
  • Prayer made in faith.

The person who will perform the ritual must be facing the Munah moon when it is high, it must symbolize the north direction and the person must be facing the moons, then they must open the scarf and place the items on top of it: west representing Tari and the blade to the east representing Jharu, while the lock of hair should be in the south and the candle should be in the north. The tears will be arranged in the center and as soon as the moons align the prayer should begin.


Their History

]Their story began in a long-forgotten kingdom, Madiv, where King Abu ruled. This kingdom was the jewel of the west and its wealth of resources and prosperity was unparalleled. Despite not being a large kingdom, it distributed its resources among the people and was kept safe due to its fortified walls. Life was full of prosperity, but the king still had a sadness, his beloved wife died while giving birth to their youngest daughter, the only girl.

Princess Tari was the only child of this mighty ruler and reminded him of his departed wife. He treated his people, his servants and his children with fairness and honesty, but most of all he loved his daughter deeply. He spared no effort in the care he devoted to Tari, from her upbringing and the gifts she gave him.

The princess was worthy of all honors. Its delicacy and beauty rivaled the most beautiful gardens. Her kindness in treating everyone was exquisite. Everyone in the castle was very fond of her, but among the guards who served in the castle there was the head of the royal guard, Jharu, a man honorable and faithful to his lord, who had different feelings for him. Jharu loved Tari with all his heart, but he always kept her from a safe distance. He a guard knew her position. Tari in turn also had feelings for the young guard and watched him from a distance.

Her gazes grew as did their love for each other. Her signs of affection were clear. So much so that Tari's father noticed this love growing and to separate the two he sent Jharu on a very dangerous mission to search for a rare blade hidden within the Forest. The young woman knowing her fate cut a lock of her hair and wrapped it in her scarf along with a jewel that was her favorite, a gift her mother had left to be given to her for protection. She managed to get one of the ladies delivered to him before departure.

Jharu on his quest was lost in the Forest as it was King Abu's plan who made it so that they would forget about each other. But when this reached Tari's ears she burst into desperate tears crying for days on end. The young woman was wasting away with sadness. Until her father decided to tell her that Jharu had died.

So one night when the moon Munah was high in the sky and Patir was by her side on a starless night she took a candle and went out to one of the palace's artificial lakes and prayed to be reunited with her lover as he didn't can go back to her. So weak was she that she fell into the lake without strength. She thought only of reuniting with her lover.

She was found a few moments later and the King was disconsolate. At that moment Jharu entered the palace and approached the main gates of the Royal House. He heard the screams and ran to the gardens. There was a commotion about the princess. The King seeing his arrival in disbelief felt ashamed. The young man, seeing that his beloved had left, declared that from that day on he would no longer serve the King, but would follow her to the other world or any other place as long as he was with her. The king was going to stop him, but no one was quick enough. He pulled out the dagger he had gone for and stabbed it through his chest. Falling, but same waters where Tari was.

With this act of unconditional love, her spirits became the protectors of couples whose pure and true love also encounters obstacles.


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Author's Notes

Important notices: First, English is not my mother language, I wrote the entire article and used Google Translate for this translation, so I apologize for any errors in this document. Second, this is my first article (for the first world I'm working in and for a competition), so if you'd like to leave a comment with any advice or words of encouragement, I'd greatly appreciate it.

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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
31 May, 2022 10:55

This is a great article. The story of this river is haunting and beautiful. You should be proud of the work you've done here.

Check out my article for the 2022 Summer Camp Reading Challenge
3 Jun, 2022 23:48

Thank you so much for the comment, it means a lot to me. I'm really glad you liked the story. I just started and I'm trying to learn how to create interesting stories, places and characters, but I hope to improve in the future. See you in the next article.

31 May, 2022 16:44

Be right back, creating a soul-summoning ritual to summon that king's soul and give him the beating he deserves!!! O_O

3 Jun, 2022 23:54

Thank you very much for the comment. His actions had serious consequences and he lost what was so dear to him with his selfish act. But luckily the two were able to stay together and can help those who are in trouble. I'm really glad you liked the story. See you in the next article.

31 May, 2022 17:00

Such a lovely story, and I love the ritual itself too!

3 Jun, 2022 23:59

Thank you so much for the comment, it means so much to me. Since the challenge opened I wanted to work on the idea of the river that cannot be found, I imagined that it had to appear only to those who needed it and then the ritual came about. I'm very glad you liked it. See you in the next article.

6 Jun, 2022 08:57

Love the story behind the river. Getting some romeo and juliet vibes here :) pretty cool that you even thought to include the ritual and its components as well.

Feel free to check out my River challenge article and my Secrets in the swamp Adventure article if you want to see what I am up to!
17 Jun, 2022 12:48

Thanks for the kind comment. I'm really glad you liked the idea, the ritual actually came along with the idea of the river. I wanted to represent something of the two as if it were a key to access the river. I hope in the future to expand the description. See you in the next article.