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Archmage Ariel

The First Archmage (a.k.a. The Lady of the Foundation)

Not many people remembers where Ariel came from, and no one knows where she died. Her statue is shown on every magic building, but all wizards can tell that her face in the rock are a work of idealization: no one remembers how she looked like. But everyone knows her.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ariel was the master of lady Daneva Tairetha, First Empress of Danevia, and co-founder of Artamea with her mentor. It was they, this two ladies, who selected the fork of the rivers Laetz, Tirecz and Gnoma for the localization of Artamea, and set the first rocks of the Imperial Palace.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ariel is remembered as a genius: she deciphered all the rules and codes of the four elemental languages (the Gramatice) all by herself. She communed with around one and a hundred Fate, and learned even more rules and words from them. The magic in Artamea today would have been impossible without the titanic work of Ariel.   After six hundred years of life, and near five hundred eighty years of hard work, Ariel disappeared without leaving a trace. Some legends tell she ascended to the sky, but others talk about the First Archmage setting early in the morning for a walk in the woods. What happened is unknown. But her teachings and discoveries were already shared by four generations of wizards and witches, that continued her legacy. And this legacy is the magic that is used in Artamea today, as well as all in the other nations that are under the Magic Shield.

Biological sex
Known languages
Old Danevian and she deciphered the Vulcanic, the Nymphic, the Gnomic and the Silvester. Some legends tell that she also knew the Esperic and the language of Mogay

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