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The wind whistlin' by my ears, the ground beneath me shrinkin' away as maw and pa's hysterical screams fall into the distance— finally, I got my wings.
— A hopeful dreamer
Wupawk are magical wings, created by a concentration of one's spirit.  

On Ethereal Wings

    Gaining a wupawk is a momentous occasion in any novice saawkamut's training, as mastery of this spell proves that they can continue down the path of spellslinging. One cannot take flight without being emotionally weightless. Wupawk have a weight limit, in a sense— those weighed down with sadness or anger are too heavy for their wupawk to lift.   This is easier than one may think, however. In truth— one must only be weightless as long as they need to fly. Meditation is the most common method, but soothing oils, drinks, and drugs all can help clear one's mind as long as they require.  

Common uses

Wupawk are, most commonly, simply used for travel and transport. Isolated villages can survive without roads by sending their saawkamut to hunt, or trade with other settlements. Wupawk users are also used to send letters, and share information.


Due to the nature of wupawk requiring a lack of anger, their use in war is relegated to scouting and information sharing.   However, true sociopaths are freely able to utilize their wupawk in battle.   These terrifying saawkamut are able to turn the tide of combat single-handedly, but are thankfully rare.

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Dec 1, 2019 21:19

This sounds really cool! Would it be possible to test someone's good intentions by having them use their Wupawk? Also, don't let anyone tell you this article is too short. It was just right for my low attention span ;)

Dec 1, 2019 21:22 by Grace Gittel Lewis

It would be possible, yes! That's actually a FANTASTIC idea that I'll have to make a ritual or something for later...
Thanks for the kind words!

Dec 17, 2019 12:24

I also love the idea of testing someone's intentions by using their Wupawk :D

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