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Wakip, or literally Tongue of the Wind is the most common language spoken throughout Umqwam. If one wishes to communicate with someone from another nest, this is their first language of choice.

Writing System

Wakip letters are made of 'U' shapes, facing in one of eight directions. Lines can close over the open end, and dots may appear in the center or empty corners. The letter making the "ah" sound, for example, faces the top-right corner with a dot in its center.


Possessives do not exist in Wakip, rather, if one wishes to specify that something belongs to someone they must take the verbose route.   Plurals are formed with an ee sound at the beginning and end of the word.
Ex. Eekanee— Boots.   Names are given multiple times throughout one's life. During early childhood, a name is given based on the child's personality, or the personality their parents wish for them to possess when they grow older. Another name may be given once the child hits adolescence, provided another suits them better. A third, final name is given after one completes their Umaq or, life's purpose. Something that some believe to be what one was born to complete— or simply a great accomplishment. It is not uncommon for one to die before their final name is given.   Ex. The wild, rambunctious boy is named Nookam Tiil or Tumbling Wind.
He grows to become a brave warrior, Ahyona Dakit or Tree Root.
Eventually, he saves his city from starvation, Hahwan or Provider.
  Demonyms are created with the prefix Naayk which means of (a place).
Ex. Naaykumqwam— of Umqwam.


Double vowels (aa, uu, ee, oo, etc.) are held longer than a singular vowel.   U makes an oo sound when followed by an m. Otherwise, it makes an uh sound.   Ts makes the sound of the ts at the end of bats.
Kan (N.): Boot
Umaq (N.): Life's purpose
Nookam (V.): Tumble, fall
Tiil (N.): Wind
Ahyona (N.): Tree
Dakit (N.): Root
Hahwan (N.): Provider
Kwaryan (N.): Riverbed
Ahon (Adj.): Restless
Qwaapip (N.): Breeze
Taah (N.): Claw
Hiiptay (N.): Scholar
Yaap (Adj.): Running
Taawk (N.): Stream
Wekopnan (N.): Coming storm
Qiik (N.): Stone
Tsivoyo (Adj.): Fast
Yuuhik (Adj.): Smoking
Wapi (N.): Gun
Wuukipi (Adj.): Strong
Tsaaw (N.): Spirit
Lloyona (Adj.): Wounded
Lohat (V.): Lift
Kapam (Adj.): Sleeping
Ataawm (N.): Sun
Yowqan (N.): Warrior
Taahn (Adj.): Dancing
Rooyawp (N.): Fool
Tsa (N.): Eye
Yahniik (N.): Library
Tsat (N.): Death
Qotal (Adj.): Endless


11 Words.
Common Unisex Names
Nookam Tiil, Ahyona Dakit, Hahwan, Kwaryan, Ahon Yah, Qwaapip, Piti Taah, Hiiptay, Yaap Taawk, Wekopnan, Qiik, Tsivoyo, Yuuhik Wapi, Wuukipi Tsaaw, Lloyona Yah, Piti Qiik, Wupawk Lohat, Kapam Ataawm, Yowqan, Taahn Rooyawp


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