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The Duality of Tiil Qwaapip & Qiik

Kwah-peep & Keek

He won't stay asleep much longer, please, you must leave, afore I...I— AIN'T STAYIN' LOCK'D IN 'ERE.
— Tiil Qwaapip, and Qiik
  Till Qwaapip is a decrepid, bedridden, old man who lives at the bottom of Pokawalan. Every morning he tends to his own little garden, greets his neighbors, and tries to keep a positive spirit. Unfortunately, he is cursed— and within him resides another man simply known as Qiik; a shrewd, manipulative bandit who just so happens to hold control over every gang within the city.  

A Ghost From His Past

Physical & mental

When Tiil Qwaapip becomes Qiik, it is not only his mind that transforms— but his body, too.   Qiik appears visibly younger than the aged man should, like a photograph of his past self.   Qiik also possesses pure black eyes, and longer hair than Tiil Qwaapip.
Till Qwaapip was once one and the same with Qiik— in his younger days he ran a bandit gang within Vitaw, which he controlled from the comfort of his own home via coded essays and other covert methods. The gang had intercepted many a train, stolen countless shipments of ool, and terrorized people all around the country— this lasted for 20 years, until he was eventually caught during one of the rare jobs he personally attended. One which happened to be a setup, specifically to catch him and his gang.   He spent only a week in prison, accepting an experimental treatment for a faster release. Simply— they would change the core of his spirit, his tsaaw, so that he could never repeat his previous atrocities. It worked. His ruthless greed and manipulative nature had been left behind, he was positive, generous, and truthful— he felt quite content. His memory was unfortunately hazy, but he could still live a good life without recalling his past. He would live a simple life, following this— though people would disappear on occasion in the town he had migrated to. Stranger yet, Tiil Qwaapip would find money and precious items hidden in his own home. This he would report immediately, and would be carefully watched for a month— though nothing strange was spotted.  
You really have no idea how you got that cut? It looks like you were in a pretty serious fight last night.
— A bewildered healer
  Eventually, Qiik would create a new gang— which would ultimately betray him. This would lead to Tiil Qwaapip discovering his other half, after waking up one morning to find a stranger holding a gun to his head. After this, he would flee Vitaw to live within Pokawalan— hoping that he would be safer there. While he finds a threatening stranger at his door every now and again— the area around his home is unusually peaceful for the lawless city. Over the years, Qiik has gained connections with the majority of rickety city's gangs— collecting blackmail over some of their leaders, possessing key financial assets of others, and even providing critical information on desirable targets— for a price. Qiik is quick-witted, quiet, and a supernaturally quick draw— the few who even know his name rightfully fear it.  


With his influence, Qiik is able to start and stop most gang wars— strategically playing them against one another so they never rise against him.
An' don't ya' firget me now, ya hear?
— Qiik, after shooting a thug's hand off
Most pay him either via tribute, or for his services— regardless, he commands respect from even the most powerful of the city's underworld. It is no surprise that many would rather see him dead, though given his transformation— which the bandit can trigger at will, no matter who is awake— this task is made nigh impossible.  

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