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It ain't alive— but it's alive.
— A prospector
  Ool is a spirit-infused stone found throughout Umqwam. How, exactly, it is used can depend on where it is used, and who is using it. But, it is fairly universally used to power machines via ool engines and to focus the spells of saawkamut in the form of guns, talismans, and other tools.  

Spirit of Stone

  Ool is found in every nest within Umqwam, typically in large, concentrated deposits. These deposits themselves, however, are few and far between— most nests only possessing one of their kind.   As a result, these can often become hotly contested, with various groups constantly vying for control of the valued deposits. Even those that are well-protected are often plagued by bandits and thieves looking to pawn off as much of the valued material as they can.

A symbol of status

Across various nests, particularly affluent people flaunt their wealth by donning jewelry made out of ool.   This, in turn often makes them targets for both bandits and Ooti raiders alike.  
Ya' see that one? Them's so rich they's glowin' in tha dark!
— A bandit

Many talents

Ool is utilized in various practical applications, first and most prevalent of these being ool engines. Followed by this, gunsmiths use the material to fashion weaponry for saawkamut— as spells fired through the material are often focused more than materials that are manually spirit-infused. And, of course, it is a valuable trade commodity. Even Roywalaap— who had banned the material entirely after a mass campaign of misinformation that led most of the populace to fear the material— sends sinners to mine ool, then covertly trades it with other nations.  

From the Heart

Ool is seen by some as more than a tool— especially the ootii, who believe the material to be a gift from the gods that they were wrongfully denied.   In contrast, the Sotikaaput view the stone as evil, after the world's largest ool engine failed— killing thousands in what is now known as The Incident. So great was the fearmongering after this, that most Sotikaaput now believe the material to be inherently dangerous— leading their government to outright ban its use.

A bright reminder

The Wayah may not worship ool, however they see spiritual value in the stone.   To them, it is a reminder of the brightness of life, as it glows even during the night. Wayah dances typically revolve around a polished or carved hunk of ool, to symbolize and remind them of the brightness within their own souls.

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