The Piano Shootout

Hey, that's not how ya play it! Ya gotta...yeah, that's ri— NO! Lemee do it...
— The music lover
  The Piano Shootout is a small source of pride for the once-small Pokawalan bar it took place in, and for residents of the city. The gunfight itself was short lived, lasting only ten minutes. However, it left a mark on the rickety city's history, and has become a cultural touchstone for its residents.

Rise to Fame

The sole patron survivor happened to be a writer, and thus, wrote about the incident in detail afterwards.   They would die soon after, unfortunately, and would not live to see the tale became widely known.

Play it Again

  Alcohol and guns seldom go well together. Most denizens of Pokawalan carry some form of firearm on their person at all times, given the prevalence of gangs, bandits, and thugs— no matter where they are. The Piano Shootout began simply, a drunken woman heard a man playing her favorite song on the bar's piano, but in his own drunken stupor— he was unable to remember the notes properly. She had little patience for teaching the man, and insisted on playing it herself— something the man didn't take too kindly. Unfortunately the man was a poor shot, and he sent a bullet through the glass of another bar patron, who, of course, drew their own gun.  
I don't give two shakes 'bout yer stupid music— only simple folk care fir it. Ya can't jus' shot' ma' glass!
— The Drunk
  Another patron, who also happened to love the song the first two were fighting over, took this as a personal insult, and drew her gun on the drunk who was still clutching the handle of their shattered glass. Also in the bar that day was a mercenary, who had been hired to kill the woman who had just joined the fight— and so, they, too, drew their gun. When the shooting commenced shortly thereafter, various other patrons joined in as they or their possessions were caught in the crossfire. It is widely debated who fired first (after the piano player's poor attempt)— and to this day, new shootouts are instigated by drunken arguments over this.   Regardless, the shooting lasted only ten minutes— leaving everyone but the bartender and a patron who, despite all odds, possessed no firearm— dead. In the years since, many others have claimed they were present, so they may gain some sort of social fame or admiration— but they tend to have their smug faces broken soon after attempting to sell this lie.  
I swear! I swear! I was there! I got th' brokin glass right here!
— A liar

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Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Aug, 2020 12:06

Well... I guess people who play this song now take some care that the notes are right.

Emy x   Please check out my Alliance Challenge article! :)
3 Aug, 2020 20:34

Or play it wrong on purpose to get some fun.

11 Aug, 2020 03:33

I love this article! I can't put my finger on it exactly, but it just hits all the right notes. (Or the wrong ones?)

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