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The Corrán are the protectors of the great oak and are task with making sure that those that live in it vicinity are safe from the wild life and creatures/fauna that would would endanger any that would come into contact with them. they also stop poaching and banditry in the area that they roam .





As they are hunters, they primarily use bows made from the branches of the great oak and due to this, these wepoans gain a magical property the longer they are used . This this unit are also armed with knives and hunting swords.


though they usually don't fight in open battle for the most part they will listen to the corrán with the most seniority. So when they are scouting or operating behind enemy lines they will operate in units of ten. Though when they are all gathered they will obey the elder hunter known as the na sióga corrán


If fighting in formation they are best suit when at the beginning at the battle as so that they can withal down enemy unit that seem to that of a high threat. They will also focus fire on enemy archers as to eliminate they from the battle. If though they are not on a battlefield they will primal use guerrilla tactics to disrupt enemy supply chain and garrisons.


It can take ten plus years to be a fully fledged Corrán due to this everyone in this unit is a full fledge master hunters. Due to this they are adept at stealth tracking and marksmen with a bow. They are also able to survive on their own survival skill their fore not relying on any supply chain making them brilliant scouts and operating behind enemy lines.


Logistical Support

Due to their prowess as hunters this unit is entirely self sufficient.


This unit as long as they can return to the great oak from time to time to resupply they require no monitor upkeep


To be selected to be apart of the Corrán you are trained from youth in the way of a hunter. You must go through basic test ran by sienor Corrán then if slected you and 9 other are taking into the woods by a full fledge Corrán.

Overall training Level
Assumed Veterancy
Parent Formation
FrItzs Forces

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