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Argon beams fire across the sky, jetting spherical transports within them, to destinations both on and off-planet. industry flares on the surface of the Canticle home world, as blights might on other worlds, both fiercely aggressive and capable of overwhelming the natural order of things.   Those that adapt to the accelerated pace of life here will survive, perhaps even achieve. Those that cannot find a way to be a part of the Canticle, will be consumed by its fierce driven energies.   The Canticle does not rest. Its hordes of mechanised warrior-explorer cadres, are projected throughout the universe, heedless of where they might arrive. Only the six remaining Mainstay Worlds are off limits to those of the cadres. This is only a legislated observance. There are many in the Canticle who would see the law of inviolation repealed. Should this happen, all worlds might become part of the Canticle, brought into its Font of Futurism. Most in the Canticle believe it would be for the betterment of these ‘lesser developed’ Worlds...

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Immortals pitted against a primal thinker

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