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On the planet of Mirth, and on continent of Veopa lies a land of magic, kings, and war. The history of Tyrinia is long, and fought with horrors of all kinds spanning across four eras of History. From the raising of a dead deity, to the invasion of a Dragon hoard, this land has seen extensive conflict, from both abroad and within. This hardy land has almost seen it all.   Our story takes place 344 of the fourth era of history. In the east, the Dragonborn king has unleashed the fourth Dragon Crusade against the savage Orcish clans in the south. In the Northeast, the Dwarfs under the resurgent High King seek to restore their once mighty empire, and wait for an opportunity to invade, and take out their neighbors. In the North West, the High Elven kingdom continues to stagnate under the despotic rule of their King. In the west, lie the kingdom of humanity.   The mysterious King Cryon rules the human kingdom of Alaria, and under his rule, the Kingdom has prospered. In recent years, he has become obsessed with finding the seven Amulets of Power. He has now begun hiring nearly anyone he can in an attempt to find these mythical amulets. In the Capital city of Iversted, Cryon would hire the party that would finally change his near futile hunt for the amulets.   Eygon Frey, the Lord of Orcs. Kratos Stonefist, the Destroyer of Magnus. Galen Merac, Mage of Iversted. Orion Pearthanax, the Liberator of Theivesved. And along the way, these individuals will pick up some friends. Rose the Mage Flower. Dabbins the Bard. Enok the Trickster. Zöe the Kind Heart. They all will fight together against untold dangers, and the unseen evil around them.