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Krysa Origins

The Krysa are basically Lamara's royal family, since you can't become the Monarch or God-Tongue (like the Pope but they speak to multiple deities, and do so while high as fuck) unless you're a Krysa.

Their abilities are inherited mama-to-child, so the kids of male Krysa don't inherit the abilities of their papi, only being Krysa if their mama is a Krysa too but that quickly spirals into Hapsburg problems.

Their abilities are usually turning parts of themselves into hardass crystal and growing hardass crystal from their skin, although mutations and drugs allow for some cool addendums to that, and if they know how to use their abilities they can be ridiculously overpowered.

Anyway: you're learning about the timeline of myths and legends of how the Krysa came to be and their justification for ruling over a whole Europe-sized peninsula.

I should also clarify none of this is probably true in the Trickster's Afterlife itself, it's mythology.

Also trigger warnings: Lamarans, the shit Lamarans believe as their mythology. Lamarans do human sacrifice and slavery.



If you know Aphrodite from Greek mythology... Lussa's primarily the goddess of sex, attraction, infatuation, romantic love, attractiveness, beauty, fertility and, most of all, lust.

She's a megalomaniacal Cupid. Also technically not a god but a powerful spirit.

It's said that the first humans were actually ugly as fuck because the god who made them was untalented in the creation of beautiful life forms, but that humanity got more beautiful over time due to Lussa's schemes, as she often gifted people with beauty as part of those schemes.

So this is the goddess that used her goddess powers playing Cupid so much that it gave the human race a glowup.

But who did she troll? Humans.


Krissa is the goddess of crystal, and by extension of that wealth as a large portion of Lamaran currency is made of different crystals and minerals rather than metal, and then through that both greed and generosity.

One day, she looked up at the stars and decided to recreate their beauty on earth. Lamarans believe the gods lived mostly on earth during this time.

Krissa made crystals, and these crystals glowed beautifully.

Too much beauty, even.

Humans and animals alike would stare at them, so dumbfounded by their beauty that they'd sometimes die of dehydration and starvation looking upon them, other times killing each other in fights over them. In other words, crystals used to be just as beautiful as Arcane.

Ashamed of this, Krissa hid them deep underground and removed the glowing effect of most crystals to protect humanity from what she'd made.

And that is how Krissa became the goddess of crystals.

The Trolling

One day, in a village, a chipper young lad was born ugly, but during puberty developed into the most beautiful man on earth. The same happened to his twin sister, being the world's most beautiful woman. Depictions of each of them vary massively, and it's joked that you know an artist's tastes, and what they think those attracted to the sex they're not (unless they're bisexual) are into, based on how that artist depicts them.

Yup: Lussa. She wanted to see what would happen.

The sister of the twins left the village and the story about her just stops there lmao.

The brother of the twins had 2 girls he was friends with since before his puberty glow-up, and were both into him because of his attractiveness and personality without him realizing it... they didn't exactly have mirrors everywhere.

Bored of this romcom setup, Lussa told each of them in their dreams that the other was already the guy's lover.

One of them was kinda depressed by this but ultimately accepted it and what she thought was his decision.

The other was a lot more dramatic and stabbed their friend multiple times in front of beauty boy, and beauty boy tried to stop her, resulting in her falling over, banging her head and dying.

He was banished from the village.

While he was travelling to find another place to live, he was ambushed by cannibals.

Seeing that he'd make a good gift, the leader of the cannibals offered that beauty boy could live if he married the cannibal leader's sister, but beauty boy, or I should say beauty man since he was at least an adult by Lamaran standards (no official age is stated but it's stated he was an adult, and Lamara considers anyone aged 15 or over to be an adult), would unironically rather die than marry a cannibal.

And, right before the cannibal leader would've killed him, the cannibal leader was killed by Krissa.

Beauty man picked up the cannibal leader's weapon and then he and Krissa fought side by side, killing all the cannibals with it probably being the case that Krissa got almost all the kills because literal goddess.

Krissa was in a human form, and using crystal weapons she'd made. When asked where she'd gotten them by beauty man, she said they were given to her father by Krissa before a battle as a reward for praying to her so regularly.

She and beauty man went to the village of the cannibals, killed even more cannibals, made it their home, got married and had 8 kids, seven sons and then the youngest being a daughter.

When the children started exhibiting the Krysa abilities, Krissa could no longer pretend to her husband that she was a human like him... but rather than tell him she ran away back to the realm of the gods in shame, leaving him to take care of 8 kids by himself.

He was legitimately a badass though. Some demons separately kidnapped his kids while they were playing, planning to come together in a year's time to use them as hostages to get Krissa to come down to earth so they could drink her blood and become immortal, but instead their papi rescued all of them and killed the demons using a sword given to him by Hufnir. He also did a shitload of other cool things with that sword.

And yet mfers can't agree on his name. Was it Bodi, Jamkuh, Elve, Maso, Kebbe, Ulfrir or Kakmadi? Did the Temple just mash together 7 different versions of the same old folk-story that had morphed due to coming into different cultures within Lamara but retained the core elements of it being about a guy saving his one child from demons and turn the split versions into different instances of a guy saving his 7 kids? Probably.

When a great flood killed almost everything and everyone because of the God-Maker being mad about humans being sinful (at which point the realm of the God-Maker banned the gods from stepping foot on the world without their permission), this was pretty bad for the family of 9. Fun fact: Lamarans believe in inherited sin, so a good portion of this was people being punished for sins their ancestors had committed.

God-Maker to randos who did nothing wrong because their grandparents stole food and had affairs and shit:

They were separated. Krissaligh, the daughter whose name means "lesser version of Krissa", and whose name is often abbreviated to Krysa, was lost at sea with her oldest brother for a whole Summer.

On a raft they'd made of their own crystal ("total bullshit Krysa crystal doesn't fucking float it's heavy as fuck" - non-believers unaware that on Earth we got ships made of fucking steel and all you gotta do is get some air in 'em) they ate the rotting and bloated corpses of the dead animals that had drowned and died, sometimes getting lucky and spearing a fish or sea creature that was nibbling on the corpses.

However, soon there were no corpses at all, for the sea god Rudyus sent his beasts into a great frenzy to get rid of the corpses because they were making his daughter, Kelba, sick, and our sibling duo was without food.

Eventually, however, they found land.

Problem: they were starving and there was no food.

Older brother's solution:

Step 1: cut off his arm and leg,

Step 2: grow fake ones with his crystal,

Step 3: wrap the fake limbs in bandages and pretend awkward movements are due to prey you captured fighting back,

Step 4: cook own limbs into soup and feed to your younger sister while telling her the meat is from an animal you caught.

Step 5: Only tell her the truth when almost dead and tell her to eat you.

Step 6: Die.

Step 7: Be eaten by younger sister, who from eating you gains the energy to keep going until she finds the washed up carcass of a sea monster that over-ate and died on sea god Rudyus's orders, and eats that.

The god of cunning and "friend to humanity", Blunir used young Krysa as an example of why the God-Maker's punishment was unfair, as she had no taint of sin in her blood at all but was still suffering as a result of the God-Maker's punishment upon all humanity. He also pointed to the sea creature to show how the God-Maker was destroying things that weren't even human.

The God-Maker eventually conceded and lowered the sea levels, letting Jarletta and the other gods who'd been trying to hold up as many landmasses as possible above the water against the God-Maker's will lower their burdens.

The God-Maker allowed the gods to refill the world with their animals and plants, but made a new condition.

Humans with sin in them had to be punished... again Lamarans believe in hereditary sin so most of these people didn't do the things they're being punished for-

Those with sin in Lamara were removed from it, and those without sin outside of Lamara were brought to it.

Lamara = hardly any "monsters" and very hospitable.

Not Lamara = "monsters" a plenty and less hospitable. Also the Black Forest is outside of Lamara, singe-handedly bringing down not-Lamara's average out of 10 rating from 1/10 to -12/10.

Krysa was told that she and her descendants must guide the Lamarans away from sin by the God-Maker.

Over her time alive she had 5 kids, 3 bois and 2 gorls, one of whom was killed by her mother as a sacrifice to the gods. Only the grandchildren she had through her daughter had her abilities, and so it would be for all of history that only the children of female Krysa will have Krysa abilities.

Chosen Family

Krysa's task was supposedly forgotten until any generations later, when the religion's twin prophets founded the religion within the Krysa-ruled Kingdom of Nossex, which had recently been founded built off an alliance of tribes and tiny nations against invaders from just beyond where Lamara links to the rest of the world's mainland. The Krysa were considered the heroes of this nation, who'd led armies and acted as elite troops against the invaders.

The twins, both girls, were visited by the God-Maker while they were atop a hill with two of their friends, possibly their lesbian girlfriends in older versions of the story.

Anyway, all 4 of them witnessed the God-Maker, who demanded the friends of the twins as sacrifices. The twins obliged, tying down their friends and asking the God-Maker if they desired the clothes of their friends soaked in blood or no blood at all.

The God-Maker apparently wanted those clothes soaked good and proper, and when they touched them they went on fire like they were made of oil, but the fire was clear blue and did not stop being fire after a point that it rose over the clothes, instead it just kept rising and expanding and glowing hotter and brighter.

The God-Maker ordered the twins to stay still as the beacon engulfed them, and they did, and the fire became crystal around them that turned to dust in an instant.

And one of the twins went insane, for she had not stayed still and obeyed the God-Maker as she should've.

The God-Maker told them of the holy task of the Krysa, but that the Krysa had all forgotten or corrupted their task. The duty of these twins was to spread the faith as the God-Maker told it to them both, ensure its non-corruption by building its organization, and to bring more Krysa for the God-Maker to show the truth to.

According to this, it's the duty of the Krysa to rule over Lamarans to guide them away from sin, and to rule over nobles and other magic families to ensure they're guiding the regular people away from sin, and them enjoying the rewards of this and having a different set of expectations on them is simply their righteous reward.

This religion, or I guess sect since the people of the region already believed in some of these deities and events, spread across Lamara, competing against the early Cult of Jalana - which was extremely popular among regular people due to its emphasis on things like community, kindness and agriculture - until the Cult of Jalana was absorbed into it. Problem at first seems to have been that the religion dropped everything relating to the Krysa on its way out, instead saying magic families in general were meant to rule over Lamarans. I'm sure no historical rewritings have occured there.

So, all of that, to justify why only a Krysa should be allowed to sit on and rule from the throne of Lamara.

Historical Basis

There was indeed a flood.

The Krysa do legitimately have a common matrilineal Krysa ancestor.

The girl Krysa and her brother and their tale of cannibalism and desperation has a cave painting depicting it near Wheatmob, a village in the sub-kingdom of Mollux in Lamara. This cave painting's age is known because Lamarans cannot science the parts of it. However, it depicts the girl starving to death after her brother died because she couldn't get any food, with all animals escaping her.

The twin prophets were real people. One of them died of poison in their food, and the other's head was slammed in with a rock by a slave after she used the innards of the slave's daughter to try and predict the future.


Built into a major religion and in its holy books. Holy wars and preachers.

In Literature

Literally in the holy book of the known world's most powerful nation's state mandated religion.

In Art

Date of First Recording
Unknown: old
Date of Setting
Unknown: old. Possibly more than 10,000 years.
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