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Treasures of Talamh

Second Age, Year 56

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Mankind, finally springing forth from a dark age upon them, have begun to conquer the magical mortal beings of Elves and Dwarves. Seeing their full potential, men have devoted themselves to the ideas of discovery and what it means to be men. Arming themselves with weapons never seen before, such as the musket, the armies of mankind marched across the world under the crusade of a group of warriors named the Holy Octumvirate.   In the middle of their victory, the magical world refuses to let go of it's hold. The rise of monstrosities, aberrations, and other eldritch horrors has plagued the earth and the seas, guarding the treasures that Mankind wishes to possess for complete domination.   Now, in the 1st Century of Men, the world finds itself in a dangerous place, where the churches are corrupt, business is law, and crime is higher than ever and controls the seas. Little did anyone know the sagas that would come out of this dangerous world man has seemingly made for themselves...


  • Map of The Wallingwish Islands

    The Wallingwish Islands were a dangerous land, similar in climate to the real-life Caribbean. Here, the slave trade is active and mercantilism is king. It was originally filled with monsters and magic, but ever since the Holy Octumvirate had their Empire colonize these lands, it was cleaned up and the Church of the All-Divine was Established.   Eventually, the islands of Wallingwish got their independence. New Wallingwish, the larger islands, became their own sovereign Republic. They formed their own Rights of Man and have advocated some aspects of suffrage. Yet the Slave Trade thrives here. Meanwhile, Carallinia banned slavery but has become overrun with crime and piracy in their waters.

  • Map of Continent of Eiren

    The main continent of Eiren was where the Dwarves and Elves first spawned. Legend has it that civilization began with the Dwarves around the desert river valleys of Babash. This eventually was introduced to the Elves, and then Humans, until cities were created. Four kingdoms were formed: Gaelitia for the Elves, Bolderun for the Dwarves, Gothai for the North Men, and Lysandus for the East Men.