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Three Worlds

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Editorial Team

Magic and dragons. What can go wrong? Well, hopefully quite a bit so I can write about every awesome detail. One world wasn't big enough to hold all this chaos, so I chose three: Greyworld, Greenworld, and Eternal Blue.   Greyworld is currently in a great pirate age after the collapse of the last empire. It is said that loot changes hands at least twice before reaching a buyer. The changing winds can bring either victory or calamity, so the adventurer had best be ready for both.   Greenworld has a smaller population but is much more dangerous. A wide variety of magical creatures carve out territory here. Even the strongest find it wise to stay close to home.   Eternal Blue is a water world with all its landmass covered by ocean. Yet life may be found in abundance, even human life. Great treasures are rumored to wait in the waters, if one is crazy enough to search them out.   Among the Three Worlds there used to much traffic and trade, but that ended when the empires fell. What will happen when the worlds again reconnect?