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Tribute is a game dating the beginning of the Haelian kingdom, when the first king was crowned. it used to be between rival houses a way to gain tribute from the losing team. However over the years the team size shrank as it was difficult to control larger games. The addition of the thief was made instead in order to compensate for this. Also the original games were played with a sac filled with gold from each family as a way to symbolism the tribute to be won.


The aim of Tribute is to score the highest number of points before the game ends. Each match lasts around an hour and has two teams of 13 participating. The game is played on a circular pitch with three posts: one at the center (about 30 feet tall) and two on opposite sides to each other (about 15 feet tall). On the center post is the Tribute (a sac filled with sand or flour).
The way to score is to take the tribute from the center post and place it one of the outer posts. However there are rules on what players are allowed to do in order to achieve this.

The rules

  • All players must start each round in one of the outer cresents
  • One player from each team will be the 'thief'. This is the only player allowed to touch any of the poles
  • Players can only use there shoulders and hips to make contact with other players (Unless that player hold the tribute)
  • If the player holding the tribute is touched on his back the round stops and a pass over occurs
  • Player may only move 10 paces with the tribute before they pass it
  • Passes cannot by made over arm
  • One three players from each time are allowed in the center circle (this does not include thieves
  • Only one player in each team is allowed in the crescents once the tribute has been retrieved (this does not include the thieves)
  • 3 point is awarded to the team that places the tribute atop one of the posts. 2 points are awarded if this is done from outside the crescent and a grand 7 points if this is achieved from the center circle.
  • Any breakage of rules results in either a pass over, time out for the offending player or a break out
Tribute pitch

Game events

  • Pass over - The team currently in possession has fouled and must hand over the tribute. to do this the offending team must stand in the two crescents while the receiving team has all players but the thief placed in the center circle. Their thief goes to the top of teh center post and drops his team the tribute. Once this occurs the game continues.
  • Time out - for particularly aggressive fouls the offending player will be sent off for an amount of time at the discretion of the ref
  • Break Through If the team without the tribute foul the tribute carrier a break out is called. In this situation the offending team must stand at the edge of the outer circle but must be away from the crescents. The receiving team gather at the center circle and the thief is given the tribute. The thief must make a pass for the game to resume but the only rule is that one of his team mates must make the match or a Pass over Occurs.

Components and tools

to play the game one needs:

  • Three posts (one of 30ft and two of 15 ft)
  • A sac of sand or flour
  • Items to clearly indicate teams as well as scarves to indicate the thieves
  • A circular pitch 300 feet across


The main participants are:

  • The ref - mediates the game and awards fouls
  • The thieves - one player from each team who must wear a scarf and is able to climb the posts, and a responsible for beginning play after a foul
  • The remaining players - 12 on each team representing the 12 lineage houses of Haelia
Depending on the teams playing Tribute games can pull large crowds of spectators and is considered the national sport of Haelia.

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