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The Hearth Spire

Purpose / Function

The Hearth tower is a World Fissure: a site where the barrier to the arcane web is particularly weak. This means it is a prime location to cast rituals that require large amount of power. In the case of the Hearth Spire, one of the rituals cast there was the Great melting which pushed back the demonic presence in the frontier to the Frost glade. The Spire is also used as a base of operations for the knights of Ash.


After the conquest of the Ember isle by the knights of Ash they added the monastery complex around the base of the spire. This took around 6 years to complete and used the previous owners of the land, the Kobolds as a work force.


The Spire was built around the World Fissure and is made of Ember stone, highly heat resistant stone. The Spire is a singular tower that reaches a few hundred feet into the fair with the newly build monastery attacked to the side of it, which was also built of Ember stone.

Hearth Spire


The Hearth Spire was built before the formation of the Grand Empire of Sothur. No ones knows who built it but carvings at the base of the tower indicate that the Dragon Cat may have been used in its construction.
Over the millennia the Spire has changed hands with its spending most of its history under the control of the Kobolds of the DustClaw tribe. During the first coalition war the Spire came under control of the knights of Ash after they took the island in the name of Haelia.

Alternative Names
The World Fire

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