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The Family

This loose alliance between of various criminal elements hides in plane sight of the masses. Using a series of ciphers and code words, known as Kin-Speech to communicate with each other.


There is no true structure to the Family. Instead a number of the most powerful groups makes up the 'inner circle'. They ensure all members follow the few rules the family has and punish those that break them, they also receive tithe from the other members. This often leads to subterfuge between members as they try to gain enough influence to gain access to the inner circle.

The Rules

The rules of the Family must be upheld by all members and those that break them are cast out and banned from any further interaction. If the removed party tries to take further action against the family in retaliation the family will issue a blood fued which almost always results in the offending party being terminated.
The rules of the Family are as follows
  • Family does not turn on itself, as such no member may openly act against another. All squabbles must take place behind closed doors.
  • Any contract written under the name of the family must be upheld.
  • No contact is allowed to be made with those that have been exiled from the family
  • Any thing else is allowed

Public Agenda

The aim behind the Family is to allow the ease of service of more nefarious lines of work. They help contractors gain jobs without the need of smokey backrooms and instead opt for hiding in plane sight using a series of codes to slip in messages to one another.


The family holds no assets of its own, relying on members to provide assets instead. Often this results in factions allowing their bases of operation to be used by other family members to conduct sensitive business or lie low in, for a price of course. Those that provide for the Family often see their standing increase among the other members but often only the wealthiest and most organised factions are able to supply enough to be note worthy.


The Family was first created after the First coalition war, after the Haelian kingdom had finally consolidated its control over the northern reaches of Sotin. It began as an agreement between a few of the more powerful criminal elements who were worried that their operations could come under threat now the crown more focused on internal affairs.

Everything has a price

Guild, Thieves

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