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The Alvanian Rework

Why The Rework?

Recently I have regained my desire to world build and have decided that while a lot of what I did during the summer camp challenge is interesting I feel I fell short in the delivery and intergration of all the ideas.
I want to go through all my old articles and begin a more top down approach to ensure all the elements fit together and play off one another. As currently all the components seems stapled together which to me pulls me out of the immersion that I want to create in my world.

What's staying the same?

Many of the concepts that already exist will continue to exists. The major changes that are taking place are in how it all comes together along with a lot of smaller details being changed to accomodate this.

What will the new Thessia look like?

Most of Thessia is still unknown even to me. I'm currently just focusing on the region known as South Alvania where the majority of the content I've written already exists. I want to have a world in which beyond humans the standard races of TTRPGs are a long gone or far away. I feel that using established races often limits what you can do with them as going away from that often conflicts with pre conceptions people already have.

How will this rework work?

Ill start off by producing a number of structure/meta articles which will outlien the basic information of the region and then from that I'll begin to create the full length article on the individual aspects of it.   I hope you'll enjoy the changes made and I look forward to seeing how this all works out.

Current Reworked Material:
City Names

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