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Gulmire Charter of Noble Privledges

Do you know how hard it is to follow all these treaties and charters?. If you asked me someone had the case of spageti mouth when they came up with this stuff. Honestly I think even you'd make less of a mess of it Ferun and you can't even read
— Cared Veben - Merchant


After the decimation of the Thaumen race in Maloth, the nobility that managed to escape to Gulmire had to set up the framework for how noble privileges would work in a world where they no longer possessed great swathes of land. The Charter aims to allow for nobles from Maloth to keep some of the privileges they had from the old world while ensuring that they did not anger the new class of wealthy landowners that had risen from the colonists that had settled before the nobility fled.

Document Structure


Retention of old noble rights

This clause of the charter covers the rights the nobles that have resettled in Gulmire are entitled to. Most of these are in relation to social status, taxes and royal duties. The charter drastically reduces the power of the old nobility in terms of economic and militarily however preserves their favoured status is politics and culture. Nobles were allowed to keep their full titles however these titles were now only words and held no ties to land or power. Nobles were also forced to release their vassals from servitude however if vassals were small enough they would be considered new nobility not old nobility. This section also saw the dismantling of the monopolies the old nobility held.

Ascension of new nobility

The charter also expands the right of nobility to all those who own property. This means that all merchant enterprises and new money families were elevated to the status of nobles. These new nobles were given votes in the new Diet of Gulmire however their votes were less valued than those of the older noble families. New nobles are also now able to use noble laws such as line defence and the ability to defend their property with armed guards. However this also means that all monopolies within the city state became null and void.

Privileges and ranks of old and new nobility

The systems that operated in Gulmire were adapted in order to accommodate the new and old nobles. Nobility was split into 4 ranks: 'Noble', 'Most Noble', 'Ancient and Noble', 'Most Ancient and Noble'. The ancient ranked nobles are reserved for the old noble families that migrated during the fall of Maloth.
All Nobles were given a vote within the newly formed diet. This body of nobles propose and vote on new charters and decrees which are then pass or vetoed by the High Lord of Gulmire. The different ranks of nobles are given a different number of votes each. The number of votes for each rank are as follows: 1, 2, 5, 7 from the lowest rank to the highest. Each family has a representative who places the families vote. Families of ancient or greater status are considered immortal and thus cannot disappear or be replaced even if all living members were to perish. Instead, the family with the closest ties to the extinct family will inherit it and it's votes. However they must give the house to a member of their family as each house must have an independent representative.

Historical Details


The Charter was formed in order to balance the desires and powers of the two groups of nobles in Gulmire. By separating the political and economic power between the two noble groups, it ensured that neither would have the power to remove the other outright. The charter also saw the creation of the Gartian, who quickly gained popularity and status amongst the cities of Gulmire.

Decree, Royal

Legal Status

The Charter applies to all regions held by the state of Gulmire with the exception of Last Harbour which has its own charter of privileges similar but refers to religious leaders and groups instead of nobility. The document as a charter overrides any decrees even those written after the charter was passed. The upholding of the Charter is the responsibility of the noble diet itself.

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Author's Notes

First article for World anvils 2020 summer camp. I hope you enjoy it. Likelihood is a lot of the later articles will relate to this one is one way or another. If you have any question I'd love to answer them in the comments or feel free to DM on discord.

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