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Betmoth's book of tales

From Keralix the red scaled to the weeping tree, Bethmoth's book of tales is a comprehensive collection of Sotin's most famous legends.


The book of tales is a collection of various poems and short stories from all over Sotin. It was designed to help consolidate the numerous variations of each tale into a singular account to prevent further deviation from the original scripts.

Betmoth's book

Document Structure


Each Story and poem in the book is given its own section, with no real notable ordering.

Publication Status

Bethmoth's Book is widely available, from the family libraries of the noble houses to the local scribe's shop. Every child can recall at least one story and every adult 5.
The tales of the book are often used in plays and are sometimes adjusted to suit local crowds.

Historical Details


The book of tombs was compiled by Bethmoth over the course of his life, with him releasing the book to the world upon his death. The books tales span an even greater period of time form the founding of the Old Empire to the burning of Ulurin

Public Reaction

The peasantry were the greatest supporters of the book as it gave them the opportunity to experience the stories without having to attend plays which were often too expensive or exclusive for them to be able to visit. The Nobility enjoyed the arrival of the book as it stopped the strangle hold that the bardic colleges had on the theater scene.

Text, Literature

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