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Founded on the teachings of the Gnomian mystic, Walid ibn Azar, Tariqa is a pantheistic religion that eschews worship of indivudal deities in favor of worshipping the Ar itself. After his death in 182 AR, Ibn Azar's followers complied his teachings into a book of holy scripture, al-Tariq, that forms the basis of their faith. Tariqites believe that life in this world requires both sincere worship of the Ar and living one's life according to the ethical mandates presented in al-Tariq. Those who faithfully live their lives according to the teachings of Ibn Azar believe that, after death, instead of returning to the Ar, their souls will undergo an apotheosis and they will continue exist as immortal "Children of the Ar".

A missionary faith, Tariqa has spread from its origins in Ar-Shem, where it remains the most popular, to reach various populations in Aerisca Borealis, the Ruden Steppelands, and Dhenia. Its spread is, in part, due to its appeal stemming from the Tariqite belief that all sentients are equal in dignity as all life is a reflection of the Ar. Indeed, Ibn Azar taught that any sentient being can ascend to godhood by following the path set out in al-Tariq. While Gnomi make up the majority of Tariqites, there are significant numbers of Humans, Yari, Nanoi, and even some Urks who have adopted Tariqa as their chosen faith.


The collective followers of Tariqa are known as the Millat. Some Tariqites belong to the Madrikhim, as they have devoted their lives to following the path and guiding others along it. Each Tariqite community will have at least one madrikh who leads the daily communal worship. The collective body of the Madrikhim gathers every ten years to elect 3 Qadin who serve as leaders of the entire religious community and serve as the final arbiters of questions of religious law.

All is the Ar. The Ar is All.

Founding Date
204 AR
Religious, Organised Religion
Alternative Names
The Path
Permeated Organizations

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