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Originating from the various human tribes that occupied the Vitelian Penninsula in southern Ione, the Rexan people, as they became to be known, forged the Rexan Empire that once ruled over the majority of Ione and Aerisca Borealis. It is a cruel irony that the majority of the Rexans are now are the chattle of the arch-lich Nefastius and his Timendi.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Agnese, Andrea, Arcanzola, Aurelia, Brisca, Buona, Catalina, Cecilia, Chataruza, Ciuta, Diana, Eionfiuo, Euphemia, Francesca, Franceschina, Gianetta, Gilia, Ginevra, Giovanna, Giuliana, Istrela, Lavinia, Lapa, Maddalena, Maria, Marieta, Marietta, Mea, Maya, Nezetta, Nucca, Olimpia, Pellegrina, Piera, Simona, Tommasa, Quirina, Veroncia, Zuana

Masculine names

Adovardo, Aeriscigo, Agnolino, Agostino, Alamanno, Alberto, Apollonio, Attaviano, Averardo, Baldassar, Barone, Bartolomeno, Battista, Bernaba, Benino, Bettino, Bono, Bonino, Borso, Cambio, Cardinale, Cecco, Cenni, Chiaro, Chimenti, Corso, Cosimo, Daniele, Diedi, Donnino, Duccio, Ercole, Fede, Federigo, Filippo, Francesco, Frosino, Geri, Gherardo, Giovacchin, Giovannozz, Girolamo, Giulio, Giusto, Goro, Gualterotto, Guelfo, Guido, Grazia, Iacopo, Jacopo Lando, Leonardo, Lippo, Lodovico, Lorenzo, Maccio, Marco, Mariano, Mariotto, Marsilio, Maso, Matteo, Meo, Michele, Migliore, Miniato, Naldo, Niccolino, Nuccio, Piero, Pierozzo, Pippo, Prospero, Puccio, Ridolfo, Romolo, Sandro, Scolaio, Sigismondo Stoldo, Tano, Ugo, Ugolino, Vannozzo, Vettorio, Vieri

Family names

Accialini, Albaregno, d'Albarate, d'Albertis, d'Albrixis, Accottanto, Acciaioli, Acolti, Acordolo, Arcimboldo, Atorare, Barbarlini, Barbarigi, Barberan, Barbieri, dei Barbanario, Barbaro, Barbato, Barozzi, Calbo, dei Calco, Callociio, Cellini, Dalle Boccole, Donato, dei Fialis, dei Figino, Fiolo, dei Fiorino, Ghezzo, Gonzaga, Lego, Memo, dei Montefeltro, Morosini, Orsini, Priuli, Sforza, Viari, Vitelli, Zane, Zustignan


Major language groups and dialects

The Rexans of the Aeriscan League speak Aeriscan, which is derived from the Vulgar Rexan dialects spoken in the former Rexan colonies. Aeriscan belongs to the Ionenese language family, which makes it a cousin language to Eknoi.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Rexans of the Aeriscan League believe themselves to be the last heirs of a once great culture and that the League and the Eknon Empire are the last civilized human nations on Tel. As such, many Rexans can be a bit parochial, thinking that all human nations outside of the League are composed of barbarians. Even within the League, many Rexans view their Nar peers as superstitious bumpkins who lack the refinement of Rexan culture and religion. Likewise, while Rexans tend to feel a certain culture affinity with the Eknoi dwelling in their lands, they believe the Eknoi's focus on intellectual pursuits have rendered them slightly effete compared to the martial values of Rexan culture.

Shared customary codes and values

The primary values of Rexan culture are justice and order. Rexan societies tend to organize themselves in a strongly bureaucratic way, with a detailed legal code and strict punishments.

Common Dress code


A Rexan tunic

While the Aersican League has no sumptuary laws, social custom enforces a strict hierarchy of what is considered acceptable dress by social class. Regardless of their station in society, Rexans prefer simple, functional garb. Both men and women wear loose-fitting tunics that allow them to stay comfortable in the hot and dry climate of the lands bordering the Central Sea. The Rexan tunic is usually off-white to dun in color, with bright white a sign of affluence. The tunic is often cinched at the waist with a large belt or girdle. Rexan men wear baggy trousers (Aeriscan: sarba), with women wearing long, flowing skirts (Aeriscan: gouna). Both genders wear ankle-height, soft-soled leather boots (Aeriscan: estiba). Those who cannot afford shoes wear sandals or are barefoot.

Working-class Rexan men often don headbands to keep the sweat from their eyes while working in the sun. The gentry and nobility elect to wear hats when venturing outside of their homes. Rexan women of all classes wear headscarves to keep their hair clean of dust and the sun off their necks. Rexan women will wear some jewelry in the form of necklaces, earrings or rings, but most Rexan men view the wearing of jewelry beyond a wedding band or signet ring as ostentatious and effeminate.

Common Myths and Legends

The Rexans worship the Ouranic Gods and share many of the same myths and legends as the Eknoi people.

Major organizations

Two Rexan Guards at Gur Dharul Pass
Physical Characteristics
Rexans can range from pale to olive complexion with hair color spanning from dirty blonde to raven black. Likewise, eye color runs from blue to dark brown. The Rexans are a handsome people, with full lips and aquiline noses.

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