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Golden Lotus

Golden Lotus (Xianese: Kim Len) is a flowering plant found throughout the tropical forests of southern Dhenia and the island nations of Southeastern Aeolia. Consumption of its flowers produces a powerful narcotic effect on most humanoid species, thus making it a valuable commodity that is traded along the Dragon Silk Road.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Golden lotus extract is added to wine or tea and consumed as a recreational drug and aphrodisiac. In small doses, this extract produces a subtle dissociative effect along with feelings of euphoria and tranquility. Users often describe the experience as a waking dream, and this is why its consumption is often refered to as "Lotus Dreaming" in many Telian cultures. In higher doses, however, the soporific effect is much stronger, and the euphoria experienced in smaller doses is replaced with intoxicating stupor and orgasmic bliss. Individuals in this state lack the ambition to do anything but continue the experience of the lotus dream.

As the plant is native to Dhenia, for millennia, its consumption has been central to the rituals of the Daivan Oneiromancers of the Rajahari Plains.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Golden lotus is indigenous to the sub-continent of Dhenia and southeastern Aeolia. Growers have had some success in cultivating it in the cooler climes of northeastern Aeolia.

Scientific Name
Lotus dhenicus
An individual golden lotus plant can live for thousands of years.
Average Height
2 feet
Average Length
Individual blossoms average several inches in diameter, while an entire rhizome can spread across 10 feet of lake bed.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking

The petals of the golden lotus blossom are a vivid yellow-orange, whereas the stem and leaves of the plant are a deep green.

Geographic Distribution

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24 Mar, 2021 00:09

I love the idea of fantastical drugs; it gives so many opportunities for brilliant worldbuilding ideas! I hope you will expand on this.

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Eternal Sage AmélieIS
Amélie I. S. Debruyne
26 Mar, 2021 15:07

That's a nice idea for a plant and a drug. I'm wondering if is it's usage regulated and if it's well accepted socially.   I'm guessing that since it's so valuable it's cultivated by people. I'm curious how its reproduction works. since it can live for thousands of year, I would not think it needs to reproduce very often, but then people consume a lot of it so they have to have found a way around that and it would be interesting if you wanted to expand on that.

Master SamuLij
Lleij Schwartz
27 Mar, 2021 05:36

Thank you so much for your kind comments! As I continue to work on this article, I plan to expand on how different Telian cultures view this plant. For example, in Dhenia, its use is accepted for religious ritual by those trained to handle its effects, but recreational use is frowned upon.   As for the long lifespan, that was inspired by the real-world fact that a lotus plant rhizome in our world can live for thousands of years!

7 Apr, 2021 13:53

Oh nice idea to have the plant have two different effects depending on the dose. I assume that in the rituals the heavier dose is used? If so is the relgion somewhat love or fertility related?

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Master SamuLij
Lleij Schwartz
19 Apr, 2021 04:13

Thank you for your comment. Actually, the lighter dose is used for the rituals in that the oneiromancers don't want their consciousness dulled to the point that they can't and won't pay attention to the images of the half-dream state they are in. The ritual is actually intended for use as an oracle, as it is believed the gods communicate with the dreamer in this state through visions and omens. The heavier dose is the recreational use, which is attractive to people who just want to dull their senses and feel soporific pleasure. Unfortunately, without the rigorous spiritual training of an oneiromancer, recreational users often find themselves addicted to golden lotus - something that is exploited by the unscrupulous.

7 Apr, 2021 15:28

Hello Samuliq!   The first thing I noticed when reading your article is the combination of colour and texture in your background, cover, and sidebar photo. They all pair really well, and the art is great! Normally I would disagree with using the fonts you chose, but it seems to just 'fit' the article (I would suggest increasing the font-size slightly and adding a visual indicator for your linked content though). A very minor edit that your first " in "Lotus Dreaming" appears to not be formatted the correct direction. A wonderful little article!

xtremepsy | Ölütanrı
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13 Apr, 2021 21:31

Druuuuuugs. Be careful people don't start a war about it (like the Opium Wars in real life). o_o

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