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Aerisca Borealis

Aerisca Borealis is a geographic region located on the northern coast of Aersica.


Occupying a thin strip of coastal phrygana, the land is hemmed in by several natural borders, with the Central Sea as its northern border. Running along the southern border of the League is the Kharadim Mountain Range, which serves as a natural border between the Aeriscan League and the Dwarven clandoms that make the mountains their home. The great Okianos Ocean borders, and to the south-east lies the Gur Dharul Pass through which the "Old Kingdoms" of Urukh, Shabanu, and M'Gwandi can be accessed. On its east is Labrax Bay and the Vedius Forest, beyond which the Ruden Steppes can be found, serving as access to the western terminus of the Dragon Silk Road (Magna Via Serica Draconis) that stretches all the way to the Xianese Empire in the eastern continent of Alphon.   The climate is temperate and mild for most of the year with hot, dry summers and humid warm winters. Snowfall can only be found in the Kharadim Mountains.

Fauna & Flora

Aerisca Borealis is primarily composed of forest, woodlands, and scrublands. The trees found in northern Aerisca tend to be well-adapted to the dry summers of the region, with small dark waxy leaves that prevent lost of moisture through evaporation. The native Nar learned millennia ago how to increase the fecundity of the soil through regular and controlled brush fires.


The wilderness of Aerisca Borealis contains a multitude of life; both mundane animal species and terrifying monstrosities can be found roaming its lands. Savage humanoid tribes, including goblins, kobolds, hobgoblins, and gnolls can be found among the foothills of the Kharadim Mountains, as well as within the forests.

Natural Resources

While relatively small in area, Aerisca Borealis is rich in natural resources. Its forests produce timber for construction as well as fruit trees. The climate is especially suited for orchards of olives, pomegranates, figs, and citrus - all of which make up a large portion of the diet of northern Aerisca's denizens. The Kharadim Mountains are a source of a multitude of mineral resources, including marble, stone, gems, iron and copper ore, silver, and gold. The coasts of the Central Sea provide for a thriving industry of fishing, with all sorts of sealife for exploitation. In particular, Labrax Bay serves as a rich source of shellfish that provide both food and pearls for the people of the Aeriscan League.


At the dawn of the Fourth Age, the coast of Northern Aerisca was home to the nomadic Nar tribes who traded with the Dwarven clans of the Kharadim Mountains to the south. The prosperity brought by Dwarven trade led to the Nar founding a the city-state of Qadshat. Eventually, Qadshat would come into conflict with Rexa over control of the maritime trade in the Central Sea, leading to a series of wars in which the Nar eventually capitulated to the Rexan Empire in 946 AR. The lands of the Nar would become the Rexan province of Aerisca Borealis, of which the Rexans founded several agricultural colonies to produce olives, pomegranates, wine, wax, and honey, and other products desired by peoples living in the somewhat colder lands of the greater Rexan empire. Due to its position on the Central Sea, the cities of Aerisca Borealis grew in wealth as a nexus of trade between the Rexan Empire and the lands east, via the Dragon Silk Road.


As the Rexan Empire grew fat on the bounty produced by provinces like Aerisca Borealis, its elites grew bored and decadent. They began to explore dark secrets of the Third Age, in particular, the Cult of Lakh-Ilu, the dark god of necromancy once worshiped by the ancient Nar. A little over a century ago, Emperor Nefastius of Rexa became obsessed with finding the key to immortality, and directed his imperial magi to perform a powerful Third Age draconic arcane ritual to grant him eternal life. At the culmination of the ritual, the life-energy of the lands around the imperial palace were drained into Nefastius in a 50-mile diameter, and he emerged from the ritual as a powerful arch-lich. Despite the victory of the lich-emperor, Nefastius, several hundred Rexans did manage to escape Ione, and sought refuge in Aerisca. It would be these refugees who would eventually form the Aeriscan League along with the native citizens of Aerisca Borealis.


  • Aerisca Borealis - Geographic
    A geographic map of Aerisca Borealis at 8 miles to the hex.
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