The ship captained by the Konudepa Brothers. The ship is of the Exploro-class of ships created during the early 5th century. The Exlploro-class Vessels also called "Exploro/Explorer" class ships were designed with the express intention of creating fast, light ships that were capable of being crewed by a relatively small number of poorly trained soldiers or civilians. The Original designer was a Nirukian Engineer who had fought for many years against the Pirate hordes of the Imperial Strait.    The Pasongunan was one of the last ships to be created using that structural design, as years of experience and increasing number of threats were beginning to show the weaknesses that the Exploro had. Though the designs of the internal architecture was made with the intention of survivability, its general cost in creation had started to limit the production. The Pasongunan was of the generation launched just before they began to remove the external protections alloted to the ships during the early Expanse War, and internal honey-combing that could aid in keeping the ship afloat during intense engagements.    Later uses of the Exploro-class would see it rising into the heavens themselves, as the general lack of heavy structurings in the ship made it a key candidate for the Literje Air Club and their endevour to create the first commercial airship. As it turned out, the Exploro was the first usable model that sustained flight. The following decades would see a number of Exploros being repurposed as airships for transport or military usage.    Crew Seko Konudepa of Niruk  Nakyan Konudepa of Niruk  Aihur of Tada


Triple Mast

Weapons & Armament

Originally contained 48 22-pounder cannons, modifications later removed 16 of these and added a massive Arcannon designed to produce a devastating beam of pure Ether energy.

Armor and defense

Originally the Pasongunan bore only internal structuring designed to aid in the defense of naval assualts. It was called a "Honey-Comb" design in the way it constructed its lower decks, making them somewhat annoying to navigate in combat. Given the small size of the ship in comparison to Ship-of-the-Lines or Capital-Class vessels, the amount of honeycombing inside the decks was quite limited.  Later captains, Seko and Nakyan Konudepa, would add massive plates of reclaimed armor from the Wolfwhale-Class and Capital-Class vessels sunk during the Expanse Campaign.
Faster than the wind, quieter than the night.
Creation Date
Hammer 824
Decommission Date
845 after being captured by a pair of Pirate Brothers in a Nirukian Port
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
Roughly 50 Crewman


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