I want to be the Party Leader

When you want to play a game you start by selecting a rumor and creating a LFG post in the #open-quest-board channel. This post should include the following:
    • The chosen rumor, preferably with in character flavour
    • The amount of players that can attend this adventure.
    • A date or datumprikker.
    • A few tags to indicate what you're looking for in an adventure, like #Exploration or #Combat.

  Please update everyone on the potential party, DM and dates in #press-x-to-ready

Example for how to create Looking for Group Post:

Disclaimer: Making a #open-quest-board post does not guarantee that you will go on an adventure. It is simply an application. We understand it may feel shitty when you are not selected for an adventure, this is not our intention. For any issues in regards to this process you may contact a Player Guide.