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The World(s)

As I crossed the threshold of that nebulous mist, the comforting whispers of Kharsa ceased. I found myself in a place wholly foreign. As I walked, I found that even the familiar reflections and caricatures of my home that I often found in this strange world were nowhere to be found. As I pondered this new place, my eyes were drawn to a throbbing glow in the sky. What I saw then still brings back the familiar numbing of my senses at the memory. It was a feeling of utter befuddlement; one that still taxes my words when attempting recollection.
— From the notes of Saint Allanthin

Bastions of the Corporeal

  If The Wood is a place of dreams, symbols and other abstracts; The Worlds are havens for the physical, the corporeal, and the concrete. Worlds such as Kharsa are the homes of mortals and spiritual beings who desire a physical form. Whereas pain and pleasure exist in the wood as symbols, The World is where these abstracts are experienced and given life. Each exist simultaneously in both The Wood and The World, as observed by Saint Allanthin Jorel's Law of Parallels  

Exhibitions of Pain and Pleasure

  Though every entity in The Wood and The World have some reflection or presence in the other, these entities are wholly exclusive. A mortal shell and a soul are connected, but distinct. Pleasure is an abstract entity of the wood, but only felt on the worlds as an emotion. Because of this distinction, beings of The Wood are often drawn to The Worlds in acquisition of these powers. A being wholly of the wood knows know no more about physical sensations witnessed in The Wood than a mortal knows about being burned simply by watching. Some beings seek these sensations like mortals addicted to substances.  

Power Through Presence

  A powerful being may exist in the wood, but it is utterly powerless outside of the wood without establishing any presence on the world in question. Simultaneously, a being that has established its presence on the world often finds its powers in The Wood increased, and vice versa. This effect of the Law of Parallels often results in foreign entities taking interest in various worlds.
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