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Dragon Bearer Barakas

Dragon Bearer Barakas Drakonhorn

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born through Liadra of Crimsons blood magic, Liadra looked down upon the infant Barakas and smiled. She spoke softly to him, "You young child are destined for greatness, Young Barakas, your horns look to imitate what fate has already claimed you, the dragons of this land will learn to bow before your family crest in due time." Barakas led a Teifling army to battle during the Great Blood War, but after watching the Witch inflict her three sins upon humanity he and many other Teiflings fled. The remaining routing of armies led to Humans, Dwarves, Elves and even the Teiflings realizing they were also inflicted with the sin. The Teiflings fled far to the west, farther than even East Gnas to the Western regions. Many died in those times, picked off by Wyverns and the other Draconic creatures that live within the desert, however Barakas held strong, and brought the survivors to a river valley where Dragons Respite would be formed. Soon after Barakas became ruler of the city and went on adventures into the West Gnas desert to truely claim the Desert.

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There he met the witches daughter Chaotoria, the Daughter of Desolation, Death and Plague. They became good friends, and Chaotoria explained to him what her mother meant when he was an infant, that he was destined to be a lineage of humanity capable of taming the great dragons of the world. After finding this out, Barakas went out to claim his destiny.
For years he explored the Desert, searching for the Great Dragons that rule over the lands, and eventually he found a wild Adult silver dragon which he fatally injured in a fight and claimed its eggs, which their were two. Dragons, which their eggs go into a petrified state until sufficent flame is given stayed like this until he was ready. The first one he hatched was a Silver Dragon like the one he had slain, he named it Lunarius after the moon and she shimmer of its Silver wings. This would become the first tamed dragon in the world, and so the title of 1st Dragon Bearer was given for the lineage of Tieflings that would tame dragons as ruler of Dragons Respite. Eventually, Xerxes the Great would make his way to the city and consort with the Dragon Bearer, putting their differences aside and finally coming to terms with one another, this friendship would last many years.
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However this would cost Barakas his friendship with Chaotoria, as she hates humans and what they had done to her mother. So she wished to never see Barakas, or any one of his lineage ever for the passage of time.
Eventually, Barakas would gift Xerxes the Great with the second egg he had claimed, still petrified. This egg would eventually hatch into Radiance. Farther into the future, Barakas would have a son named Drakari, who would take up the mantle of Dragon Bearer after Barakas died, which he eventually did in 645 AM, at the age of 745.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Fought in the Great Blood War, Founded Dragons Respite, Killed an Adult Silver Dragon, Hatched and tamed the Silver Dragon Lunarius. Became friends with Xerxes the Great

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and for a time Chaotoria.
Gifted an egg to Xerxes the Great which would eventually hatch and birth Radiance.

Chaotic Nuetral
Current Location
Dragons Respite
Honorary & Occupational Titles
1st Dragon Bearer, King of Dragons, Lord of West Gnas, King of Dragons Respite
100 AW 945 AM 1045 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born from the Blood Magic of the Primordial Witch herself.
Circumstances of Death
Natural Causes
Red Keep
Current Residence
Dragons Respite
Skin Tone

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