A fickle ability that takes a strong mind to use, the ability to heal people is a great thing in the battlefield, but also extremely risky to employ. The more skilled the healer, the greater the injuries they can treat, but the more hazardous if the treatment goes wrong.   At its most basic level, which many Tarot users are taught, the Healing ability allows one to quickly heal minor scrapes, and boost their own recovery speed from more serious injuries. This does come at the cost of physical energy, in ways similar to a body burning up when fighting a fever. The more boosted the recovery, the bigger the expense, at risk of even exhausting oneself to death.   This risk of exhausting the target, is why healers must always be wary of how quickly they try to heal themselves, or others. A more experienced user may learn to use their mental energy as way to help, or share part of their own physical energy with the person they're healing. This is especially useful when helping someone who already is running a fever from exhaustion. However, this too carries a risk. If the healer gets too exhausted, they may make mistakes and cause harm instead.   When someone is dying from a serious injury, or even already has died, an extremely skilled healer may still be able to make a difference. As long as the body still has strength, even a stopped heart or other forms of fatal damage can still be repaired. But if the body has already lost its strength, no matter how much energy is poured in, all will be in vain. Even the body itself will not recover from its injuries.   Lastly, it is possible to use healing as a deliberate way to harm people. However, this is considered causing a wound and as such is considered a Tarot Crime. In cases where a healer deliberately twisted bones or in other ways deformed their target's body, even though they did not turn their target into a Tarot Monster, it still always is considered a Tarot Crime deserving of execution


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