Saint Maeve of Cillbagh

Maeve of Dwyrna

Maeve sat atop the craggy stones of the Liosbeg hills. Her arms rested against her knees with eyes closed as a gentle breeze rolled over her. She smiled with warmth and glanced towards the man next to her. Her emerald eyes seemed to light up as she pushed herself to her bare feet and offered a hand. The man looked at her palm with confusion, but her coaxing voice answered. "Let us dance like we may never dance again.", and they did just that till the sun set that evening.
  Saintess Maeve of Liosbeg Forest (also known as Maeve of Cillbagh or Maeve the Druid) is one of Dwyrna's Primeval Spirits. She is associated with the Dwyrnan Autumn, the harvest, and fertility and is the Patron Saint of farmers, animals, travellers, transients, and the poor.   Her feast day falls on Guldganaucht, near the time of the Autumnal Equinox.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

According to the legends, Maeve was born as the daughter of the Faeries and Elves of Liosbeg Fortress, wrapped in a bundle of leaves held together by tree sap and twine atop of bed of Stonecrop and Asters. Worried she may fall prey to the wolves and beasts of Liosbeg forest, the ancient Dwyrnan people adopted her and took her on their travels across Dwyrna.   Throughout her youth, Maeve performed many miracles that garnered her worship and respect. In one tale, she performed a ritual which ended a plague afflicting the shephards in Cnocan na Brann. In another tale, she saved a purified a fouled farmer's field by placing her hands on the earth and whispering magical words.   When she became an adult, she left her adoptive family of ancient Dwyrnan people and built a home north of Liosbeg Forest where two trade roads crossed. Some say it was to be close to her actual parents, while others believe it was to help people since the roads were constantly traveled on. Whatever the reason, Maeve became an icon of the region and followers began to build their homes around her which formed the City of Cillbagh. Eventually, she simple shack became a provisitional meeting hall and a place of worship.   She continued to perform miracles well into her old age, but eventually left the mortal plane. Some claim she ascending on great wheat stalks while others say she was buried which became the fields of wheat that surround Cillbagh. In older tales, she returned to Liosbeg Forest and disappeared, never to be seen again.

Accomplishments & Achievements

"St. Meve, St. Meve! Looky here, looky here! A neck for you and your kin!"
— The Cry of the Neck
  Due to her nature as a Primeval Spirit, many of her accomplishments are viewed as legends and stories with very little proof of their happenings. She is known to have created the city of Cillbagh, where her temple still stands today as well as the creation of Guldganaucht which acts as her feast day.

"St. Meve, The Druid"
Divine Classification
Primeval Spirit
417 492 75 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born to faeries.
Biological Sex

Character Portrait image: Selective focus photo of a woman by Boris Krizmanic


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