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Abbot of the Spidermonks (a.k.a. Abbot Haj)

Leader of the Spidermonks and one of only two Awakened in Torenkh (with Charvenal being the other). As an Awakened, he can shape-change into almost anything he desires and is able to perceive and understand the runeforms of others to a limited degree, allowing him glimpses of their place in the Web. Kind and warm in an eccentric uncle kind of way, which sometimes takes the form of him explaining in precise terms why someone shouldn’t be sad or worried rather than simply giving them a pat on the shoulder or a cup of tea. Organizing the sheer scope of his perceptions into a manageable, coherent shape can, on rare occasions, prove to be a struggle for him, at which point he mentally disengages and the “string monkey” form he usually wears goes into autopilot, engaging in traditional simian behaviours while he processes. Perhaps it’s to compensate for these occasional lapses that he’s become a bit of a stickler for propriety and tradition.   Beloved by everyone in Torenkh for his understanding and common touch, his reputation has been slightly tarnished of late, in some circles, by his belief that teaching the Fox to play the Game of Awakening will result in his taming. While many are willing to give it a try out of respect for his wisdom, not a few maintain that the Fox is hoodwinking the Abbot by playing along and that it’s impossible to tame the Wild Gods; it’s right there in the name.

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Biological Sex
Brownish grey; seems to be composed primarily of hair
Main body: 2 ft.; with hair-tendrils: much more
10 lbs
Aligned Organization

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