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Glyshke nia Mara

A semi-secret society based in Rwddra, mainly composed of Druids drawn from all Circles, ostensibly engaged in unearthing and preserving whatever remnants of Old Yonaddin's culture can be found in the Skeanlands, although their focus has shifted in recent years to testing the feasibility of establishing routes between cities through the Skeanlands – bypassing the Silk Roads – by means of the Dreamtree Project. They are currently attempting to create a semi-stable passage between Rwddra and Wrynth by planting coenhreffnors through the Mara Derugwaine in a north-westerly pattern extending from Rwddra. So far the Project reaches roughly 300 miles from Rwddra, with Fogwhale being its furthest – and thus far, only – outpost.

Druidic Circle
Alternative Names
the Green Tears of the Sea, the Inner Circle
Mara Derugwaine
Notable Members

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