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Shadow Goblins

I was taking a nice walk in the forest, when I heard this horrible yowling. I thought it was a cat, but then I saw something run by. Then I was running. I was only two steps ahead of this pack of howling goblins. They had dark green skin and warts all over, and I could smell them. They smelled like flesh. I was lucky to get away with my life.
    • A Villager of Yaltar's Account of a Close Encounter With Shadow goblins
Shadow Goblins are the result of normal goblins who fled to their tunnels in Skyreach years back and gained darkvision and sensitivity to sunlight. The goblins gain strange flaws and quirks from spending so much time in caves. One quirk could be: The only company I appreciate is my own. or: No one outside of our tunnels matter. Shadow Goblins worship Trekar and get minor magical abilities. All Shadow Goblins are afraid of any light and prefer the dark. Sometimes the Shadow Goblins get bored and hungry so they steal candy in the night and replace it with rocks, take them the the tunnels and make a path of candy from a village leading into the tunnels. In the morning when children come out to play in the morning they follow the path of candy and the Shadow Goblins devour them, leaving only their bones and clothes piled in smelly heaps on the floor of their layers.

Basic Information


Shadow Goblins have extraordinary long arms and leg so they are good at climbing.

Growth Rate & Stages

Shadow Goblins mature at the age of 10.

Ecology and Habitats

Shadow Goblins live in tunnels with demonic symbols and images of human misery that they carved into the walls.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They eat underground fish and other creatures. Sometimes in the dead of night they go out to hunt deer, boars and and humans foolish enough to be out so late at night. After they kill the animals they eat them but they never eat or hunt rabbits for unknown reasons.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Shadow Goblins have one chief that rules over a tribe. All of the goblins in the tribe live in their own sections because they don't like socializing. The lairs of Shadow Goblins are filled with animal hides, dried meat, bones, and other nasty things. Fly's seem to always buzz around the lairs, loving the smell of rotting flesh. The only time the Shadow Goblins get together is on hunts.

Facial characteristics

Long nose, black lips and eyelids, long ears.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

In Skyreach in the world of Dartar and other places underground.

Average Intelligence

Not very smart. They live underground.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Shadow Goblins have a great sense of hearing and smell.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Lots of Shadow Goblin names end in ar or ak but the names can pretty much be anything.

Average Technological Level

Their technological level is low and they use mostly tools made from stone and bone.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

They speak Goblin, and hiss while they talk.

Common Dress Code

Mostly just old dirty rags. Some of them wear clothes from humans (from their traps) but it is considered as rude and they are likely to be told to take it off.

Common Taboos

Never eat rabbit meat, say the name of the king, befriend a human, or speak any language other than Goblin. All these can be punishable by spending the night in the spider pit.


Goblins used to span across the land of Dartar and every town was in danger of being raided and burnt to the ground. The goblins lived in caves and were feared by everyone. One day the people of Dartar decided they had had enough, so the king himself led his army in war against the massive hoards of goblins. The bloody and violent war was won by the king of Dartar and his army. Most of the goblins were slayed, including their leader and the remaining ones fleed to their tunnels in the mountain Skyreach. They quickly spread across the inside of Skyreach and evolved and adapted to life underground to become the first Shadow Goblins.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Shadow Goblins hate humans. They hate everyone. Their not great socialists.

25 years
Average Height
3" 6' - 4" 2'
Average Weight
64 - 75 lbs
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Dark green skin.

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