Persephone is basically the crossroads of the 'Verse. It is the gateway between the so-called Central Planets and the less developed Border and Frontier planets.   Persephone orbits Lux, a "helioformed" protostar on the outer edge of the White Sun system. Because of this and because of its proximity to the Kalidasa and Red Star clusters, it is often called the "Gateway to/from the Core" (depending on which way you are headed).   During the Unification War, it was one of the three major planets on the side of the Independents.   One of the most notable locations for traders, lower-class travelers, and migrant workers is Eavesdown Docks.  

Persephone is a highly populated world with several major cities concentrated in strictly enforced urban zones, while vast tracts of land have been protected from urban sprawl for farming and ranching. The planet nurtures a great deal of fertile farmland as well as a wide variety of climates and natural regions.   Society on Persephone is an eclectic mash-up of styles and sub-cultures. While technically a Core world, Persephone is considered to be the Rim by residents of the Core, and generally is perceived as a country cousin which puts on airs and displaying its ignorance of high culture through its country bumpkin ways. To the rest of the Rim and the Border worlds beyond, Persephone and its fickle fashions are something to be aspired too.   Persephone is famous for its tiered social structure—since the first days of the planet’s founding, leading families of Persephone have claimed noble titles and pedigrees for themselves and live in great wealth and splendor, while the majority of the population range from solid middle class down to the poorest of the poor in the teeming slum neighbors. Although slavery itself is technically outlawed by Alliance law, the rich of Persephone regularly hire indentured servants (and then derisively call them slaves).   As one might expect from a planet that serves as a major port to and from the five clusters, Persephone has specialized infrastructure to help facilitate almost all forms of personal travel and cargo hauling.   The planet’s port system has a complex process for tariffs, taxes and other fees levied on vessels and cargo. The Trader’s Guild maintains bureaus in most parts to assist member merchants with fee disputes.     The Alliance maintains peacekeeping troops in wealthy areas such as Demeter and Chriseda, helping ensure smooth passage and strict adherence to regulations. Less affluent cities often host a large criminal element, with some essentially being run by gangs or other illicit organizations. It is wise to be aware of such criminal groups, as it is likely that independent traders outside of UAP or Blue Sun shipping fleets will encounter them to some degree.   One of the many tourist draws from the Core is the Redbird Reservation, an Alliance Indigenous Heritage Zone, established to "help protect and maintain AmerInd tribal Plains culture". The wide, rolling reservation hosts a variety of exotic native Earth species, including wild herds of bison and horses.


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  • Population: 2.15 billion (2512 Alliance census)
  • Capital City: Demeter
  • Major Docks:
    • Robin’s Nest
    • Persephone UAP Transportation Hub
    • Summit Docks
    • Nemeck Docks
    • Eavesdown Docks
    • Gateway Docks
  • Terraforming of Persephone was completed in 2308; the planet celebrated its bicentennial celebration in 2508, during the second year of the Unification War.

Important Moons and/or Satellite Stations:

  • Hades (moon): Restricted access; population 12,750. Hades is in stage 9 of the Dokia Planetary Engineering Scale, but the completion of the terraforming has been delayed due to some unexpected atmospheric issues. The moon is populated with mostly terraforming crews as well as a series of mining outposts.
  • Renao (moon): Restricted access; population 42,000. All land masses on Ranao are privately owned with the exception of the equatorial Alliance base island. The UAP retains water and mineral rights for the moon’s oceans.
  • Tryon Station:

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