Eavesdown Docks

The Eavesdown Docks is only one of several important trade ports on the world of Persephone, and is considered the roughest and most unruly. Designated as a “Special Economic Zone”, the place is an exception to many Alliance rules. Rumor has it that this status is retained through a gigantic annual bribe from several major criminal organizations, and because it serves as a deniable entry point for the illegal slave trade "voluntary indentureship service program". It caters to all classes of ships, from corporate cruisers to tramp freighters. Lower-class areas of the port are run by multiple crime-lords, so gangland conflicts are constantly simmering here.   There are several different districts within the Eavesdown Docks, each controlled by different criminal organizations and patrolled by a different Alliance station house.  

Westgate District

The crowded streets of the Westgate District will seem familiar to many of the more independently-minded who frequent the more colorful regions of the 'Verse.  

Some of the business establishments in the Westgate District

  • Chen’s Throat Emporium
  • Sloan & Sons Wholesale
  • Remuda Livery Stables (operated by Ulysses Roanhorse)
  • Pony Express Messenger Service (operated out of the Remuda Livery Services, Joanie Roanhorse)
  • Now Want Want Dim Sum Palace & Entertainment Parlour (owner/operator Sarafina Mbitsini)
  • Odynova Children's Workhome (owner/operator Alexeyevna Yakovlena)

Mata Hari Memorial Park

Set on the far western edge of the Westgate District, is the site of a notorious disaster. Back in 2356, a large transport ship named the Mata Hari crashed during landing, killing everyone on aboard and thousands on the ground when a bustling tenement/business neighbor was destroyed in the resulting inferno. The Mata Hari Memorial Park grew up from the devastation.   It is approximately 900 acres in size (that’s about 400 city blocks), and although overgrown, marginally maintained and prone of illegal street merchants and squatters, is a much beloved landmark and tourist attraction. The park is literally a green oasis of open spaces and groves, with a central reservoir/lake, bridle trails, landscaped lawns, a natural amphitheater, tai chi square, and much more. By tradition, the place is considered neutral territory by the various powerful gangs of Eavesdown Docks, and it is also well patrolled by Alliance law enforcement.  

Useful Westgate District details (more pending):

  • Berth 808D-12 West is just down the street from the Now Want Want; there is a fish & chips shop across the thoroughfare from it.
  • There is a ped-tram at the corner of Astor and Tsai, within walking distance of the Now Want Want

Northgate District

While most districts in and around Eavesdown Docks are chaotic, Northgate District has a special kind of chaotic order to it.   Badger's operation is nestled among the scattering of Blue Sun leasings, spacer dives and sleepovers, the trader’s guild mothballed port office, fly-by-night outfitters, and the never-reliable Honest Austin's scrapyard. In a discrete corner of the district in a rather nondescript yet not too shabby alley are a series of dumpsters where Tom Beartooth and Jessa make their home.
  • Wellington Plumbing
  • Jiang Feng Ironworks
  • Honest Austin’s scrapyard & shipyard
  • Peshwar & Son — spaceship towing and repair

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