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The scales of Halkomelem. The Enigma in Red and Gold

During the primodrial war, He who bleeds the unknown word, a primordial, entered the field of battle as a Dragon of lviing calligraphy, immense and terrible to behold, armed with the fangs of satire, armoured in impenetrable legalese and flying upon the lyrical song of poetry. In far, desolate Zen-Mu, they fought for aeons.   Despite this fearsome description, he was no match for the Exalted Hosts, who tore him limb from limb, his blood seeping out and marking reality with the runes of his name as a final act of defiance.   That word had power, even in this corrupted, debased form, over enough time, in far forbidden, forgotten Zen-Mu, it rotted. But it had been part of the laws of the universe, its very name written in the stars, a solution fo an ineffable equation no less important than the Golden Ratio. It could not have been slain, so it reformed into a Behemoth a mile in length, girth in paper, every inch of it written with different facts. It cannot possibly be slain, without the word being erased from Zen Mu's Mount Theion.   Those that catch one of its scales, written in gold, learn a new fact, from the thousands of scales on its sides, are gathered all the knowledge of everyone it's ever consumed, and it is driven to consume all that it defeats and slays. The rare scales that bear writing in silver have been touched by Orabilis, and contain part of a secret known only to the Yozis, these scales do not normally fall on their own, but could be inducted to do so, by a doughty party of Exalts. The scales appear to be normal red paper, written in ink of gold, or silver, as appropriate, and appear mundane to All-Encompassing Sorcerer's Sight, but not to Eyes of the Unconquered Sun, for Halkomelem was marked a Creature of Darkness even before he was written into the slopes of Mount Theion.
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